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Yasus Afari Roots Reggae Dub Euro Tour 2015

By January 25, 2015blog
Yasus Afari, Ero Tour 2015

(Garden of Creation)

The earth is the garden of creation
Purposefully clothed with lush, green vegetation.
Firm enough to prevent critical soil erosion,
All elements working in union,
For natural joy and satisfaction.

The earth is a friend, we are the friends of the earth

The cyclic function of the earth’s ecology is no mystery.
Like the organs of the human body,
Each working in perfect harmony,
In this our environmental community,
of which the guardians and keepers,
are the children of humanity.

The earth is a friend, we are the friends of the earth

The rivers, like blood streams flowing into the oceans
Returning secretly to the fleshy bowels of earth’s creation
Evaporating to the atmospheric breath of life
Sun, moon and stars
Solid, liquid and gas
Land, sea and air
Flesh, blood and spirit.

The earth is a friend, we are the friends of the earth

Like the lungs of man
The trees breathe to keep the earth alive
Yeah! The Sun, like a devoted Father
Working from sunrise until sunset
And the Moon, like a loving Mother
Working from dusk until dawn
Shining with the sweet embrace of her children, the stars

The earth is a friend, we are the friends of the earth

If we protect the earth,
Then, the earth will protect us
Clothe, feed and shelter us.
The earth is the garden of creation.
If we keep the earth alive
Then we will stay alive,
The earth will keep us alive.
The earth is our friend,
We are the friends of the earth

JAM YARD Promotions will be hosting one of the most interesting and intriguing tours in 2015. It is the Reggae Roots & Dub Tour and it stars Jamaica’s National Treasure and International Jewel – Yasus Afari – Reggae Artiste, Poet, Author, Dub Philosopher and Ambassador for Rastafari. The tour will begin on March 25th and will run through to April 29th. Yasus Afari is available for Live Performances, Lectures, Workshops, Poetry Reading and Book Signing.


The Early Years
When you talk about success and deep conviction, you have to mention dub poet, YASUS AFARI. He was born in a small village in the parish of St. Elizabeth, Jamaica, where life was hard and every day survival was a struggle. His mother was basically his only inspiration after his bigger brother left home to join the Police Force. He always mentioned how his mother used to pray and encouraged him to work hard so that they could lead a better life. Consequently, Yasus credits his beloved mother, Mama Derrie, as one of his chief sources of influence and inspiration. It stands to reason therefore that one of Yasus’ earliest poems, ‘My Mother Who Fathered Me’ was ‘livicated’ to his mother.

After passing his common entrance exams, the young Yasus Afari left home and went off to St. Elizabeth Technical High School (STETHS) where he excelled in many areas of school life and was a major influence on his peers.

Visions of Poetry
After STETHS, Yasus worked with Jamaica Telephone Company as a technician but soon won a scholarship to the College of Arts Science and Technology (CAST) now University of Technology (UTech) where a whole new world open up to him. At college he majored in engineering and was a revolutionary student leader and vice president of the students’ union. He participated in all positive aspects of campus life and was a role model for all the students in that era. He was elected Vice president of the Student Council but was hounded by CAST’s admin because of his positive / student friendly and anti-confirmative values. This was a major visionary awakening for him and he did some soul searching which inspired him to devote himself for the good of the masses and the betterment of all humanity. He vowed that he will fight the injustices of the society and bring about consciousness to all the people who would listen to what he has to say.

Positive Agent of Change
The social and political climate during the 1980’s was rough in the Caribbean. Maurice Bishop got killed in Grenada, Bob had just died, and so much was happening in the political arena that the Jamaican youth were looking for a conscious direction. Yasus began doing concerts at the college students’ union, The University of the West Indies at Mona, The Nursing School and Teachers’ Colleges. The response was like a shock wave and everyone was talking about ‘Tonie Taam’ as he was fondly called then. He did a several shows with upcoming stars as well as established artistes.

His first song, ‘’Anti-litter Law’’ was released in 1986 during this time Yasus went into a period of meditation and isolation while writing consistently and planning his strategy.

The Emergence of Yasus Afari and the Christian Souljahs
Yasus Afari began to re-emerge in the late 1980’s to early 90’s and merged forces with other upcoming artists. Thus, he began to emerge into the national consciousness and the world of reggae music. Garnet Silk was brought to his attention for mentorship and they began to work on a few songs together. On Yasus Afari’s earthday in 1990 they recorded “I Can See Clearly” for Courtney Cole’s Roof International Records at Grove Recording Studio at Reggae Radio Irie FM. It became an instant mega hit. On this same day Yasus wrote the first verse of ‘’I Saw Zion in a Vision’’ which was based on a vision Garnet had related to Yasus. Garnet went on to finish the song which also became a major hit. All this led to a tighter relationship Yasus Afari and Garnet Silk. This important synergy triggered the birth of The Christian Souljahs which in turn inspired Garnet to write “Nothing Can Divide Us” and this was also another mega hit.
In addition to ‘’I Can See Clearly’’ Yasus Afari and Garnet Silk have several other songs including Eye Pen and ‘’People Dancing which was a top 10 hit in Japan.

Yasus Afari Leads The 1990’s Roots Revival in Jamaica Reggae Music
Things really started to galvanize around Yasus Afari in the early to mid 1990’s. He soon teamed up with Maxi Priest to write “Work” which appeared on his first and game changing album “Dance Hall Baptism” (Senya-Cum/Ras Records). Yasus Afari’s second album, the revolutionary ‘’Mental Assassin’’, was produced by Tappa Zukie on Tappa International Records label. Yasus has since recorded with a wide and varied range of reggae icons and musicians including Black Uhuru, Toots and the Maytals, Beres Hammond, Luciano, Horace Andy, Freddie Mc Gregor, Benjamin Zephaniah and King Kapisi among others. Some of whom he has also produced even as he engineered the reggae Roots and Rastafari Revival of the 1990’s and beyond.

Mutabaruka and Yasus Afari Making History

The achievements of Yasus Afari are very wide ranging and unique. Here’s an example, he was awarded the Dub Poet of the year in 1993 by the Jamaica Music Industry (JAMI) Awards. In a controversial decision at the ceremony the award was presented to Mutabaruka who refused to accept this award and made it explicitly clear that it should be given to Yasus Afari who was more deserving. Yasus was called on stage and he refused to accept it from Muta so there was a tense moment. On impulse, Yasus then asked the audience it’s opinion, the audience insisted that Yasus should accept it, which he did gracefully to a standing ovation. Yasus went on to win many more awards and was also honored in Chicago by Martin’s International for Dub Poet in the year in 1994. Yasus was honored by Rockers International Awards, and several times by the Jamaican Music Federation. The list of recognition goes on and Yasus always humbly admits, ‘it is a great honor to be recognize for my work’.

Touring with Black Uhuru – Grammy Nominations and Recordings
By touring with Black Uhuru, Yasus Afari was creating a cultural revolution on a world-wide basis, starting in the USA; covering 26 States and the Pacific Islands. He also toured Brazil and Europe where the fans open heartedly responded to his message. In addition, Yasus also co-wrote and appeared on ‘’Brand New World’’ for the Grammy nominated album, ‘’Black Uhuru Strongg’’As it is said, a man can only be king in his home land but it seems as if Africa is his own land. Coming off a tour in Africa he was literally crowned King in Ethiopia and Ghana. He is invited as the guest of honor for the Ghana Panafest celebrations. In addition to this African impact, “Crown HIM” (Honour Crown HIM album) which was produced by Bobby Digital was the number one single in Zimbabwe for months.

Media Darling
For his entire career Yasus has been consistently featured in many electronic and press features in Jamaica, the Caribbean and internationally, including gracing the cover of the Billboard Magazine. He also managed to produce his own music as well as that of other artistes and promoted several ground breaking and successful stage shows. Always professional, he’s dubbed a media darling.

Social Advocate
YASUA AFARI’s main showcase is “Poetry in Motion” which is an annual charitable event which celebrates Jamaica’s rich poetic heritage. He has now developed the brilliant concept of The Pomedy Show and the annual Jamaica Poetry Festival.

Public Secret and the Public Awareness
Yasus Afari’s 8th studio album, Public Secret, was released by Fox Fuse in 2014 and has produced two hit singles and music videos namely; ‘Wine Pon Paper’’ and ‘Let’s Talk New York’’ as well as the biographical ‘’Poetree Caan Nyam’’. Yasus has managed to tour consistently, including; Jamaica, Japan, Caribbean, Australia, New Zealand, Africa, Brazil and Europe, in particular England, Wales and Scotland. This has totaled to over 40 countries and counting. This has afforded him the honor of promoting public awareness, unity and social empowerment

Yasus Afari’s 8th studio album, Public Secret, was released by Fox Fuse in 2014 and has produced two hit singles and music videos namely; ‘Wine Pon Paper’’ and ‘Let’s Talk New York’’ as well as the biographical ‘’Poetree Caan Nyam’’. Yasus has managed to tour consistently, including; Jamaica, Japan, Caribbean, Australia, New Zealand, Africa, Brazil and Europe, in particular England, Wales and Scotland. This has totaled to over 40 countries and counting. This has afforded him the honour of promoting public awareness, unity and social empowerment.

Yasus Afari took time out to research and write his bestselling book “Overstanding Rastafari: Jamaica’s Gift to the World” as a follow up to work he has developed in Jamaican schools as a “Culture Agent”.

The book was launched at the University of the West Indies in April 2007 and Yasus Afari has since tour the world extensively, promoting the book. This book is used in schools, and universities around the world as one of the few comprehensive texts on Rastafari written by a Rastafarian.

The second edition of ‘’Overstanding Rastafari’’ is in the works plus a children friendly ‘’Introduction to Overstanding Rastafari’’ among several other upcoming publications.

Yasus Afari-Euro Tour 2015

One Earth, One Love One Humanity – Bless it and Set it!
As we enter into the era of reggae roots and dub, Yasus Afari, The Rasta Guru, is again at the forefront of international social responsibility and consciousness within the music with his Reggae Dub Philosophy and Poetry. This will be the one-of-a-kind experience of his Reggae Roots and Dub Euro Tour 2015. As Rastafari Bless it & Set it !

YASUS AFARI – Work Shops Topics
Social Arts:

One Earth One Love One Humanity
Our Shared History of Humanity
The Human Journey
Unity in Diversity / Social Harmony / Community Cohesion
Human Spirituality
African Caribbean History & Perspectives
Rastafari – The Livity of Spirituality
Reggae Music – The Message and The Music
Social Centrality – Family / Life Long Learning
Ubuntu – I Am Because We Are

Creative Arts Workshops:

Creative Writing
Integrated Arts
Arts in Nation Building – Identity, Confidence & Seklf-esteem
Social Re-engineering via the Creative Arts


Schools, Venues, Libraries, Music Promoters, Festivals and Booking Agents interested in working with YASUS AFARI while he is in Europe are asked to contact JAM YARD via email at or via phone at 29 93 42 43




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