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Third World ~ The Reggae Ambassadors

By August 28, 2015Articles, Magazine
Third World-Island Stage Magazine-Issue 12-Interview

Interview By Maliika Walker

It’s 1:30 AM and I just arrived home from another masterful performance by Third World. I was proud that I just witnessed the true power of reggae music, the representation of One Love. While walking thru the audience I noticed different cultures, languages, and ages. That night our differences didn’t matter because we were there to witness the Reggae Ambassadors capture our souls of the audience. I have had the opportunity to witness Third World live countless times over the years and I always leave the venue feeling I just saw something special. The audience danced with the band throughout the performance but once the crowd heard the opening notes to “Now That We Found Love” the ground shook.

Third World is still going strong after forty-two years in the music industry. The band is celebrating the release of their new hit single YIMMASGAN (Let Him Be Praised) and is in the midst of recording a new album with Damian Marley and the Ghetto Youth’s Camp. Maliika Walker recently got a chance to speak with the two remaining founding members of Third World (Stephen “Cat” Coore and Richard Daley).
Here is their conversation:

Maliika: Damian Marley produced your latest single, remake of The Abyssians classic YIMMASGAN (Let Him Be Praised). What was it like working with him, especially since you have known him most of his life.

Richard Daley: A manifestation of his father’s spirit coming out of him as you watch him work. You don’t see it but it’s ever present.

Stephen “Cat” Coore: I agree. It was a great experience. Especially from the perspective of watching him grow up from a child to a man. Watching how much he’s evolved and adapted as he pursued what all of us who knew him was his absolute passion, which is music. He adapted “Let Him Be Praised” and put it in his generations language but he was still poised enough in relating to us as older musicians. He was able to relate to us and what it was about our generation that was inspiring to him. Not just inspiring to him but his father as well. Bob and a lot of us were also inspired by artists like The Impressions and James Brown. So to see the inspiration alive in the next generation was a great experience.


Maliika: Are you working on a full length album? Can you share any details about it?

Richard Daley: Yes we are working on a full length album but we do not have a title yet, just a collection of songs. Some of the songs we have so far are complete, others not complete as of yet but the album is a work in progress. We do not have a timeline of completion for the project. It was a mutual decision to release YIMMASGAN. We may release a few more singles before releasing the full album.


Maliika: Well I can’t wait to hear the full album.

Third World: Well we can’t wait to hear it either.

Maliika: Who are some of the producers you worked with on the upcoming album?

Richard Daley: Damian Marley is the main producer on the next album. The producers we are working with are from the Ghetto Youths Camp. People may not know that Damian’s brother, Julian, is a fabulous drummer and shows his drumming skills on the new project. Damian’s keyboard player, Sean Diedrick, has been heavily involved in the project so far. He played on YIMMASGAN.

Stephen “Cat” Coore: We certainly would want to note Stephen Marley’s contribution as well.

Richard Daley: Chronixx came thru the studio a few nights and left some inspiration. It’s been a fun project so far.

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