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The Reggae Destiny of Raging Fyah: The Sound of Soul, Sunshine, and Positive Vibes

By August 30, 2015Articles, Magazine
The Reggae Destiny of Raging Fyah: The Sound of Soul, Sunshine, and Positive Vibes- Island Stage Magazine

It’s the sound of the sun. Bright and uplifting. Brotherhood in a song, with the kind of melody that generates smiles.

The feel reggae had back in the 1970s when politics and a natural groove went hand in hand. That’s the music of Raging Fyah.

The five-piece band from Kingston, Jamaica, makes reggae that skanks and bounces with a new pop roots vibe on their two albums, Judgement Day and Destiny. This ‘Irie Vibe’ also comes alive in their performances all over Caribbean and around Europe, where they have a devoted tribe of fans.

“That ‘70s vibe is a complete natural for us,” says singer and guitarist Kumar Bent. “We all listened to a lot of music from that period. The Wailers, Third World, and the British reggae bands like Steel Pulse and Aswad. It’s a big influence.”

That music planted the seeds for Raging Fyah. The shoots began to emerge in 2002, when some of the members met at Edna Manley College of Visual & Performing Arts in Kingston; but the band itself didn’t take shape for another four years.

“That was when we really began rehearsing and writing,” explains bass player Delroy Hamilton. “We knew we’d hit on something when a friend who was listening said: ‘You’re like a raging fire.’ And that was it, we had our name.”

From there, they spent time honing their material. To them, every aspect of the music had to be right. And it all had to come from deep within, holding nothing back, all of them working together without ego.

“There’s no one person who writes the songs,” Bent says. “We all contribute. We’re a collective. Sometimes a piece can come out of a bassline or a drum lick. It has to have the vibe; if it does, then we work on it.”

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