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“The Next Generation” New Groundation Release Coming in September 2018!

By June 19, 2018Articles
Island Stage Magazine

Four years since their last studio release Groundation returns with an
album that is truly groundbreaking in both it’s musical composition
and social content. Taking the sound back to it’s foundation the group
has been rebuilt by lead vocalist Harrison Stafford and features a
dynamic set of musicians from both Jamaica and California. “The Next
Generation” takes off like a rocket opening with the first ever reggae
big band song “Vanity” (12 horns). Lyrically and conceptually the
album stems from their previous release “A Miracle” here shifting from
the Mother of Creation to the child, “The Next Generation.” The album
takes you on a journey from the militant “Fossil Fuels” and “Prophets
& Profit” to the subtle and heartfelt “New Life” and “Father & Child”
and everywhere in between. The sound quality is impeccable, engineered
by the great Jim Fox and recorded all on analog equipment from the
1970s. This album will stand as a testament that Groundation has
reclaimed their position as leaders in the search for new original
music and that true to form improvisational Reggae/Jazz experience.  A
unique sound fans have enjoyed for two decades on the biggest stages
all over the world.



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