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The Green “Black and White” album review

By March 19, 2019Articles

Written by Jen Cheshire

Hawaii based band, The Green will be releasing their new acoustic album “Black and White” on Friday, March 22nd. Celebrating a decade as a band, they revisit their previous four albums, picking out popular songs and making them a personal message to their fans in an acoustic form, before working on their next studio album.

The album opens with “Alone”, a love song about not wanting to face life alone, gaining strength from the one you love.

Track 2 is “Good Vibration”. In my opinion, this track should have been the opening track of the album, setting the tone for the coming tracks. It starts with a beautiful, breathtaking, acapella three-part harmony leading into a song about spreading the love vibration to the people. After listening to the album several times, this track has become my favorite.

The following track is “Runaway Train”, a song about leaving one love for another and the uncertainty that this decision holds “But really and truly am I sure”. There’s a nice guitar solo in this track.

“Love I” is the next track. This is a song about unrequited love and persuading the girl that he should be “the one”. “What do you do when the girl you want doesn’t want you too” and then goes on to tell her all the reasons she should be with him.

Track 5, “Alive”, is a celebration of life and love, spreading love all over the world and not just containing it to the family as we did when we were children.

The next track, “Decisions”, is a heart-wrenching song about the difficult decision if he should end a relationship or o keep going. This song will resonate with anyone who has been in that situation.

“What Will Be Will Be” is a song about letting things take their course and “What will be will be”. All the signs are there but just let go and let it happen.

Track 8 is the prerequisite weed track. The title “Going Up” speaks for itself.

Up next is another song about trying to win the girl. “Chocolates and Roses”  compares the things she loves to needing him in her life. “Like chocolates and roses, you can’t resist me”. It’s a sweet song but I found it amusing that a man would think that that line would work on any intelligent girl.

The next track, “Trod The Hard Road”, is about unity with Rastafari and traveling through life’s struggles together.

Track 11, “All I Need”, opens up with an intro very similar to the intro of Ben E King’s 1961 hit “Stand By Me”. This is another love song to the girl who is all he needs. “All I need” is a very infectious song with a clever “scat type” section in the middle. This song had me singing along, and I imagine is a live performance favorite.

Following that is a track with a serious message to a friend that has gone astray. “Wake Up” is telling the friend how he needs to wake up and see what he is risking. That he needs to do something he hasn’t done before and put his trust in the Most High before it’s too late. This is a very powerful song.

“Foolish Love” is a raw, emotional song about loving someone who no longer loves you. “I’m just another fool in love” is a phrase that many can relate to. I really liked the harmonies in the background.

The penultimate track on this album is also one of my favorites. “Never” is a song about the lack of unity in Hawaii, and how he’s never going to give up on trying to bring people together and take Hawaii back to independence. I was waiting for the Hawaiian unity chant that was in the original version but sadly it’s not in this one.

The final track ends the album with a humorous song, “Good One”, about waking up after a “good” night out. This is a catchy song and another great singalong. This also has to be a hit with the festival crowds as we’ve all been there. Yeah?

This is an album that brings on anticipation for summer and summer festivals, a welcome relief from this extraordinarily harsh winter. All in all, I think The Green has done an excellent job of re-inventing their popular songs to appeal to not only their existing fans but new fans from other genres.

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