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The Goddess Creator of Jewel London Custom Jewelry

By November 5, 2015Articles, Interviews, Magazine
Jewel London-Island Stage Magazine

Jewel London was birthed by Jamaican born Sidjae Reid Cuellar, a former international fashion model, mother, wife and an intuitive life-long super lover of healing gemstones and crystals.

The birth of her daughter “Jewel London” was the divine inspiration that manifested the vision to share her endless love of style combined with her knowledge of healing gems with the world. She has found her ultimate gift to give to the world, filled with meaning, purpose, and conscious driven beautiful design.

Her unique design sensibility combined with her intuitive sense of gem alchemy is captured in the radiant energy of every piece she creates.

Jewel london is a conscious lifestyle brand created as a symbol of natures brillant beauty, life celebration and the awakening of ones highest Self.

“There’s Magic in the Air.
Take in a BIG breath of it”!!

IS: How were you discovered as a fashion model?

Sidjae: I was officially discovered in at a small lounge on Green Street in Soho, NY by the iconic fashion photographer ‘Peter Beard’. I had no clue who he was at the time and later discovered he was truly a living legend in the fashion world. I was then featured in British Vogue Magazine News with Peter Beard shortly after and rest is history. Anyone who knows Peter knows he’s an eccentric genius who truly lives life at its peak. He not only developed me as a model but he also taught me to appreciate the beauty in being free. He encouraged me to be creatively bold, embrace my uniqueness and live out loud with no apologies. One day I was late for my appointment with him and I walked in and immediately apologized and Peter Beard looked up and said “You are never late, Time is Always Now”. He then told me later that evening “when you go to a modeling agency , hold your head high and tell them Peter Beard sent you”. I did exactly that and I got signed which lead me to move and work in London, Milan, St.Barths, etc.

IS: What prompted you to get out of modeling?

Sidjae: Although I loved modeling, I always knew it was a platform for something much greater and purpose driven. It was only a matter of time when my life’s purpose revealed itself to me gradually. The reveal began when I was introduced to the director James Cameron who chose me to be the body model for the Navi’ women for his movie Avatar. After watching the movie I knew then that a shift was happening.

IS: You are also a seamstress as well, right? You have designed clothing and accessories also. Tell us about that.

Sidjae:  Ah, yes. For as long as I can remember I have always designed clothing and accessories. I absolutely love designing on a whole. I would get inspired by my feeling, my vibe. I would ask myself “what do you want to feel like?” And design something to match that feeling. Whether you’re feeling bold, like a Goddess, sexy, playful, relaxed, etc. If I’m designing for someone else I would ask the same question and custom design a piece based on their answer. I find so much pleasure in living and designing out of the box. Your energy, your environment, and your vibes are constantly changing so why not match your garment. I believe there are no rules in design. Live it, wear it!!

IS: How did the birth of your child inspire you to launch Jewel London?

Sidjae: I decided to name my brand “Jewel London” after my daughters actual name because she truly has brought pure magic and light into my world. I’ve always loved and been fascinated with healing stones and crystals and after the birth of my daughter I began to learn more about them. Not only are these gems beautiful but their metaphysical properties can heal, transform, protect, balance, inspire amongst other things. As a baby, Jewel would always love to hold crystals and play with them. I would place crystals in each room to amplify positive energy in our home space. I would even put a Rose Quartz under my daughters pillow at night or infuse her bath water with Rose Quartz energy before giving her a bath. As my understanding of crystals grew so did my love for them and I wanted to wear them everyday to enhance the positive energies around me. Jewel would always notice a new piece I designed and would tell me how sparkly and beautiful it was. After hearing this over and over I realized there was a deeper message in which she was delivering. I knew then that designing energy infused jewelry was apart of a much higher calling and service to the world wrapped in beautiful packaging. And I humbly and happily accepted the call… I can now say that am officially in the “Positive Energy” business. 🙂

IS: What advice would you give young women who are embarking on a career in the creative industry?

Sidjae: Young beautiful Goddesses, firstly love yourself fiercely. Truly fall In love with who you are as that love will transfer into everything your create. Always remain true to your authentic creative self. Never, Ever follow any rules on how to create. Creativity is an Art and Art has no boundaries. Seek no approval but your own as that’s all that matters. Surround yourself with like minds that spark your inner fire. There’s beauty in everything and everyone. Be open to be inspired. Best of all, Your uniqueness is truly your best asset. Embrace it!

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