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Snoop Dogg is now Snoop WHAT!?!?

By July 26, 2012blog

In the past few days, there has been alot of buzz regarding Snoop Lion’s (AKA Snoop Dogg) debut of his first single “La La La” from his soon to be released album Reincarnated. We do not yet have a date for the release.

According to BET, Snoop is looking for a change of pace. Recently, Snoop spent time in Jamaica and also attended the premier of Marley,the movie with several of the Marleys themselves.

The posts and comments on social networks have been very interesting to say the least! We thought we would post it up here to get your comments as well. After all, you are the experts!!

Right now, I am laughing because I just found a video on youtube where someone attempted to post lyrics to La La La with the tune. Obviously, they are not familiar with Jamaican patois. You can go and look for that one on your own!! Which brings up a great point of conversation.. After 11 albums and almost 20 years in the rap game, we want to know if Snoop is “moving toward the light”, or if this is just a way to make more money and exploit the Rasta way of life. Now, exploitation can be either good or bad. If Snoop has the respect and understanding of the genre, the culture and the artists that are struggling to make it in Reggae, then we say “Raspect” to him and all of his endeavors. On the other hand, if this is just a way to grab the huge fanbase of the genre along with the smokers and the money, it wont go over well in the Reggae community itself.

We know that people evolve. Trust me, we are the last ones to judge. We are giving you a chance Snoop Lion. Show us that you are for real. We know that you started locking up your beautiful hair. Tell us about that too. What is your reason for locking? “You don’t haffi dread to be Ras”.

We have very close and highly conscious friends who produce for Snoop, so we are determined to get the real deal with this and keep you posted. Also, this is our official invitation to the Lion himself to talk to us. We are waiting….

Memba, as the song states- “Can’t plant di corn where da peas wan fi grow!”

Reggae is Jamaica’s largest cultural export, and since its humble beginnings from the ghettos of Kingston, reggae has grown to become a worldwide cultural and musical expression. There are reggae bands from every habitable continent of the world, and as with music from the Jamaican source, reggae is a vehicle to teach, uplift, and inspire. The music that came from the ghettos has been the most powerful voice of the downpressed, music that carries the cry from Trenchtown (the Kingston neighborhood so named for the open sewer trench) to the heavens—if you want to hear the heartbeat of The People, listen to Reggae music! Since the early days in Jamaica, and through to the present day worldwide, Reggae is filled with Social commentary, reflections on life (often by the poor and those marginalized by society), musings on systemic corruption- living in Babylon, a call to love, raising African consciousness, repatriation, teaching self-reliance, and of course—rejoicing the blessings of life, and giving praises and exaltations to Jah Rastafari…

History of Reggae By Anthony “The PostmOn” Postman

Please make your comments below!! We want to hear from you!!

Article by Susan Underwood -Island Stage

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