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Shhhhhhhhh Don’t Talk About This!

By April 4, 2012blog

ONE LOVE … “Out of Many – We are ONE”

What does this mean?

Today, I am going to make you uncomfortable. As a friend of Jamaica, and with a heavy heart I must. “Island Stage is intended to uplift and enhance the worldwide image of the Caribbean, by showcasing – the culture, music, and lifestyle.” I have been told that it would not be “good for business” to address what I am about to address. I say, “OH WELL!” and I ask, “At the end of the day, what is REALLY important?”


A friend recently tagged me on an article written on April 1st in the Jamaica Observer, and Dr Sandra A Knight’s Horrific accounts of several alleged sexual assault cases each year with the victims being anywhere from babies to 12 years old.After reading the article, I immediately became involved per several requests, and posted the articles on all of my social network sites. Asking for support from everyone, I only received 2 comments.


First, if you have not read this article, you need to.


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“CHILDREN as young as four years old have been treated for gonorrhoea, syphilis, herpes and HIV at the Bustamante Hospital for Children after being raped by close family members including their fathers”.


Every day, I see people advocating for Trevon Martin’s murder. I see people posing for their “hoodie pics” and speaking their minds, and rightfully so. I see UNITY, and that is a good thing. There are young black men being killed in the USA every day. All of these murders do not make the national and global news.


There seems to be a “sweeping under the rug” going on with this issue of child rape and murder going on in Jamaica. I see Jamaicans living in Jamaica, the US and abroad speaking loudly about Trevon’s case. Where are your voices with this issue? Before you answer this question, here is what I know. Tourism dollars are EXTREMELY important for Jamaica’s economy. We do not want the rest of the world to think that this kind of thing is going on in the place where “Those who go, know.” and again “Out of many, we are ONE.” We need the people to come and dip their feet in the beauty of the Jamaican Caribbean sea in places like Montego Bay, Ocho Rios and Frenchman’s Cove just to name a few.


And the music. Yes, let’s chat bout. I work with many artists who call themselves “conscious”. Where are your voices with regard to this tragedy? It’s as though it’s “business as usual” Keep pushing the music! What a great platform for you to talk about what is important! I see your large fan bases. Don’t you realize that if you ask your fans to support this cause, they will? Let me say thank you to artists like Shaggy, who ARE speaking out!


Obviously, educational programs are needed for mothers who feel that it’s not a big deal for this to happen to a child. The Observer article quotes “One mother, Dr Knight said, admitted to her that she had a similar experience as a child and it did not affect her. “So the mentality is the child is going to be all right too,” said the doctor.

There also needs to be support for the distraught mothers who blame themselves for not having figured out what was happening to their child in time. Then there are the children….. My God, what about them? What type of future do they have, having something as horrific as this happen to them? They are our future!


The last sentence in the article states “As for Jamaica having a sex offenders registry to alert communities to the identity sex offenders, Knight does not believe this would work as smoothly in Jamaica as in the United States, because Jamaicans might not be mature enough to handle this because of the vigilante culture.” I don’t buy this. There HAS to be a registry! But there will have to be Fearless-ness involved. I will say this much, if anyone threatened my child, looked at them in the wrong way, touched them, raped them, beat them, and threatened me that I better not say anything to anyone…… they would just have to kill me!


Yes. It will take Fearless-ness to deal with this issue. These are our children. If we do not protect them, and speak out for them, who will?


Please join the cause! Join Now

Written by Susan Underwood,


Island Stage Founder


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