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Sammy Johnson-‘Moonlight Lovers’ Album Review

By December 17, 2018Articles
Island Stage Magazine

Jen Cheshire


Not being familiar with Sammy Johnson at all, going into this EP review was a new experience for me.

Sammy Johnson grew up with an Australian mother and a Polynesian father but didn’t really connect with the Polynesian part of his roots until he was given an album of the artist Fiji and this opened him up to a new world of music and culture.

His new EP,  “Moonlight Lovers”,  follows “Sleepwalker”, an EP released earlier this year. Sammy says, This is by far my favorite body of work because from concept to finish I was able to create exactly what I had dreamed of doing. During the process, I reconnected with people and my heritage and created new memories.”

The EP opens with “Fools”, a very island sound that conjures up visions of hula dancers on an exotic island. What really drew me in was Sammy’s voice, especially when he hits the falsetto notes with a clarity and purity you don’t often hear.

The title track “Moonlight Lovers” is next. This track is a duet with artist “Tree Vaifale” about falling deeply in love in the moonlight hours, then going back to daily life only to connect again when the sun goes down.

Missing The One You Love ”,  featuring Fiji,  is actually my favorite track on the EP. It’s a song about being away from home and missing your loved one. It has a very infectious chorus line “Sad songs are the best songs to sing when you’re missing the one you love”. This song is bound to be a hit with those who are away from their loved ones. It makes you wonder if Sammy has someone he is missing while he’s touring.

The next track is “A Dozen Roses”, a song about a smooth mover trying to move in on the girl he likes and trying to impress her with a dozen roses. She is not impressed and the line “Any other fool would know you deserve more than flowers”, highlights this. Listen to the track to find out what happens.

The closing track is “Getting Over You” featuring Kaylan Arnold and Adough. This is a song about a lost love and seeing her out and about with her new man. My favorite line on the EP is one from this song, “Hard to see you happier with the next best thing”. I loved the sarcastic tone of resentment in that line.

In conclusion, this is a “feel good” EP. with infectious melodies that you can’t help but sing along with. This EP will probably do well crossing over several genres. Definitely, one to watch out for. 

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Sammy has remained busy releasing a constant influx of music since his breakthrough self-titled 2014 EP, which peaked at #3 on the Billboard Reggae Charts. He has since seen an organic growth as a result of his hard work and dedication to his craft, working as a music therapist social worker to a touring soul artist thanks in part to his first viral video “Don’t Say Goodbye.” Since his debut, Sammy Johnson has since enjoyed multiple sold-out performances and large festival appearances, and released his critically acclaimed EP ‘Sleepwalker’ earlier this year.

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