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Rototom Sunsplash prepares its first social art gallery

By June 20, 2017Articles
Rototom2017-Island Stage Magazine
Social Art Gallery is born out of the idea to exhibit the creative work of some twenty artists and collaborate with social projects by putting the finished works on saleThe theme will be that of the 24th edition: Celebrating Africa 

Benicàssim | Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Social Art Gallery. Under this new name the space for artistic expression at Rototom Sunsplash in Benicàssim (Spain), which together with the name change, aims to work towards a social objective. For the first time ever the works created in this area located in the most artistic area of the festival will be put on sale to donate the profits to projects developed by NGO and entities that have close links with the philosophy of international reggae festival.

Therefore, the 24th edition for the macro music event that will be held in Benicàssim August 12 to 19, will give a second use to its extensive art gallery. On the one hand, there is the exhibition of twenty works in a large format –together with live creative process- designed by their authors that each year fills the festival with colour and life. Works that are inspired by the theme of this year’s exhibition: Celebrating Africa. On the other hand, it collaborates with social projects through the sale of the works to the public.

Those that are not sold will be made available to the organisation, but the priority is to sell them for social ends.

Given that a large portion of the audience that visits the festival comes from other countries or cities far from Benicàssim, six of the twenty works will be created on cloth -and not on the traditional panels- to facilitate their transport.

Social Art Gallery is a space dedicated to giving voice and visibility to all of the selected proposals, with art as a means of expression and the artists as conduits of ideas and emotions. An area that is open to creativity and imagination located in the Art Plaza at the centre of the festival.

The essence of Social Art Gallery will also be present in the different activities related to art programmed in the festival’s cultural areas, such as workshops creating African masks in Magicomundo and ArteSano Market and the design of mandalas in Pachamama. Also with the body painting that, thanks to United Minds, will bring the audience of the African Village the African tribal paintings of some of the most important ethnicities on the continent. There is also the urban art proposal in the form of a large scale group collage of the De Tripas Aerosol collective, that will be done in the Plaza of the Social Forum and which aims to present a critique about what happens with electronic equipment when we get rid of them.

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