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Roots Dub Poetry Reggae Revival for Schools across Jamaica

By March 28, 2017Articles

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Press Release: March 28, 2017

Roots Dub Poetry Reggae Revival for Schools across Jamaica..

Due to the frustration and distress the schoolers across Jamaica are facing they crave motivation through positive messages of hope and inspiration. One aim of the school tour is identifying youth leaders to create their visions and influence their peers positively. The tour will identify talented poetic youths for Inspirator Upcoming Youth islandwide Dub Poetry Slam.

The Dub poets are seeking your listening ears to travel across Jamaica to spread the positive message to the youths through Dub Poetry in Schools. To make this possible Charlie Bobus is staging a Dub poetry school tour fundraiser at Red Bones Blues Cafe titled Roots Dub Poetry Reggae Revival on April 7, 2017 at 9pm.

Charlie Bobus is a motivational dub poet that was based in Toronto Canada. He was facilitating a Youth Leadership program for the Hariett Tubman Community organization and Art Starts for youths in high risk communities and doing workshops and performances at festivals across Canada.
Born and raised in the often volatile community of Grantspen in Kingston he lived through and struggled with many of the issues facing youths across Jamaica today. He started Inspirator International in 2005 to empower minds and uplifting youths.
He is particularly concerned about the gang banging in schools. Especially also about the state of mind many school children are left in. Worst now after the wave of bombardment of tragic incidents and serious safety concerns. Poetry can release mental stress plus anxiety
and allow positive thoughts to permeate their minds.
Already confirmed for the school tour are Dub poets Charlie Bobus, Ras Takura, Cherry Natural, Mojiba Ase, Sage and Akuna Matata.
Said Charlie Bobus when asked about the schools participating.
“Negotiations are currently underway to get the necessary approvals. But so far di school officials are excited about it and anxious to see this tour in their schools”. He went on to add “The response has been overwhelming so please contact if you want your school included”.
Funding is the main issue as their will be a lot of time and costs associated with the logistics of staging this project across the island.

Charlie Bobus

The Fundraiser will take place at Red Bones Blues Cafe on April 7 and International recording artist Chelsea Stewart and Saxophonist Isax Ins Jah from Canada are fully on board in helping the youths here in Jamaica and are concerned about their state of mind. The show will also feature Veteran Reggae artists Tinga Stewart who has a new hit single with Fantan Mojah promoting and Reggie Steppa know for his monster hits Little Miss and Modeling and Anju Kat out of the Sly & Robbie Gang. The Dub poets will be representing through Ras Takura organizer of Disword wordz & Agro Fest, Sage, Mojiba Ase and two other Grantspen Dub Poets Akuna Matata and Ras Shaddi. Backed by the Legend Bands and our MC is Ken Solomon. Admission is only $1000.
“The Dub Poet Charlie Bobus set up fundraiser for school tour, Good spirit haffi rise, Care share and Help” said Asher Selecta one of the sponsors from Raspect Wear out of Switzerland. The event is also powered by Island Stage, Rebel Vibes, Cru Clothing, Noble Works, ATAP Production and Carib Newsroom.

Contact: Inspirator International Events Graphics & Publishing
Nicardo “Charlie Bobus” Murray
18764516572 {watsapp}

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