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Reggae Band EarthKry, Back in Jamaica After Successful Survival!

By August 18, 2017Articles

Summer 2017 has thus far been a whirlwind of positive vibes for reggae band EarthKry. The Edna Manley College alumni quartet have delivered their first album “Survival” which has received tremendous feedback from both fans and the industry alike, and recently concluded a supporting tour.

Produced by the band themselves, EarthKry enlisted the help of some of Jamaica’s most talented musician (Hector Lewis, Sheldon Palmer, Everton Pessoa, Hopeton Williamson, Andrea Montalbano, Nnambdi Robinson and Dwayne Livingston) on the 12 tracks musical heirloom recorded on the island’s famed Tads Recording Studio, Harry J Recording Studio and Irie Yute Recording Studio. Written between Phillip McFarlane and Aldayne Haughton, “SURVIVAL“‘s soundtrack from start to finish can be best described as social commentaries laid on traditional roots rock, reggae and ska influenced. The nostalgia evoked by “Survival System”, “Philosophy”, “Move On”, “Wake Up and Live”, Live Good”, “Wild Fire”, “Liberation Time”, “Table Turn”, “New Leaf”, “Do What You Got To Do”, “Praise Jah”, and “Keep Dreaming” stem from candid thoughtful lyrics, haunting vocals, smooth riffs, upbeat percussion and unique guitar style.

Keyboard – Phillip McFarlane

Guitarist/Vocalist, Aldayne Haghton

Drummer – Kieron Cunningham

Bass Guitarist – Kamardo Blake











Keyboard player Phillip Mcfarlane, drummer Kieron Cunningham, bass guitarist Kamardo Blake and vocalist/guitarist Aldayne Haughton kicked off their Survival Tour on July 1st, international Reggae Day in Massachusetts, U.S.A and trekked the states and Europe delivering authentic “Roots Rock Reggae” of what they call their “Legacy Music”. Speaking on their travels, the humbled and elated band related their experience.

The tour was great, more than great actually. Starting from the U.S in intimate clubs to major festival was something that we were very thankful for. In every city they welcomed and loved the sound and message, every single venue invited us back” – Kieron Cunningham

In Europe it was our first time and we were a little apprehensive at what to expect, and if any reggae fans would know us. Our first show was packed to capacity, and they wouldn’t let us stop. We had to do songs over and over, and they sang along. We really felt the love, I don’t really have the proper words but to say it was amazing“. – Kamardo Blake

” We closed night one of Reggae Jam in Germany. This was huge for us, performing to thousands of fans in a place so far from home that we never visited was huge. It was the same feeling at Reggae Geel in Belgium, we played on the main stage. As we were first when we started there was only a small number of patrons. By the time we finished the song the crowd had grown to more than triple capacity, and by mid set it was packed. The vibes, the love, the welcome was more that we could ask” – Aldayne Haughton

” We went to Europe in the hopes to plant EarthKry seed, but by the time we got there it was already a small plant. That feeling that our music traveled across the continent was what we aimed. EarthKry was born with a mission to voice the grievances of the downtrodden through the vibrations of their music.” – Phillip Mcfarlane

EarthKry is back home on their beloved island of Jamaica, and back at work harder than ever on the promotional trail of “Survival”. The homegrown band plans to film a few videos from the album, as well as performances throughout the island.

” We chose the title SURVIVAL because all the songs were written by experiences, these are our daily stories. Ours meaning mankind,  it’s that human thread worldwide that give us endurance to make it through financial hardships, personal struggles, health issues, war crisis, abuse, we all survive. From Syria to Chicago, Ukraine to Jamaica, we endure, we survive. We documented our stories while delivering messages of survival through music..” – EarthKry


1. Survival System
2. Philosophy
3. Move On
4. Wake Up and Live
5. Live Good
6. Wild Fire
7. Liberation Time
8. Table Turn
9. New Leaf
10. Do What You Got To Do
11. Praise Jah
12. Keep Dreaming


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