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Rebellion Rises in Philadelphia

By September 9, 2018Articles
Island Stage Magazine

 by Danny Savage

It has been quite a hot and rainy summer here in Philly. Thursday, September 6th was no exception as Ziggy Marley’s Rebellion Rises tour made a stop at the Electric Factory. The tour promotes Ziggy’s seventh studio hit, “Rebellion Rises”, and he brought the people of Philly exactly what they needed—some celebration of peace.


Originally billed to be held at the Mann Music Center’s “Sky Line Stage”, threats of inclement weather moved the show to the Electric Factory. With the temperature close to 100 degrees with humidity to match, it was refreshing to have a show to help mellow us out. The vibes were high as the crowd welcomed Tribal Seeds, Steel Pulse, and of course, Ziggy himself.


Island Stage MagazineIt’s been nearly two decades since the last time I saw Steel Pulse, and I must say they don’t miss a beat. They treated us to over an hour of high-energy classics, including one of my favorite Grateful Dead, songs “Franklin’s Tower”. Steel Pulse involved everyone in the venue in the performance. By the time they broke into an extended version of “Chant a Psalm”, the fans’ whirling struggle to keep the venue cool no longer mattered. The crowd didn’t even seem to notice, as we were all part of something larger. Everyone was there for the same reason, to forget our troubles for a night and hear some conscious music.


Island Stage MagazineZiggy and his band took the stage at around 9:45 p.m. to a packed house. He played songs from most of his solo albums, a few of his father’s most rebellious, fiery songs and some of the Melody Makers’ repertoire. Looking at Ziggy’s set list for the night, one could see that it was built to build awareness to world struggles. Most of us can agree that we are living in turbulent times. Political unrest plagues our country. This summer alone, Philadelphia has been rattled with widespread gun violence and a drug epidemic that is devouring this beautiful city from the inside out.


Ziggy started his set with the title track for his latest album. “Rebellion Rises” is a call to all people of the world to stand firm; we must join together in these times and realize that we are all one people. In quick succession, Ziggy and his band of born musicians jumped into “Change Your World”. This song is particularly dear to me, with its message that we are all here for a reason and must do what we can while we are on this earth to make it a better place.


However, my personal highlight of the set came next. Ziggy broke into a blazing medley of his father’s songs “Top Rankin” and “We and Dem”. Both hold deep meaning in my life and have always been part of my life’s soundtrack. With who is in control now of this country, it was hard not to smile as Ziggy broke into a call for justice and redemption with the song “See Dem Fake Leaders”. Hopefully this song will open eyes of some people on “the Hill” and start the process of change that we so desperately need.


Ziggy’s set for the night featured a lot of fan favorites. Songs of his father’s like “Get up Stand up” and “Coming in From the Cold” gave Bob fans their fix for the night. Ziggy also played a lot of his hits. It was beautiful to see everyone in the venue singing along word for word to songs like “Beach in Hawaii”, “True to Myself”, and what we all need to start believing in, “Love is My Religion”. “Wild and Free” got people to light up in unison, their own personal role in the revolution of the crumbling laws of illegal Cannabis.


Island Stage MagazineZiggy was animated throughout the performance, dancing and tossing his long locks around. He got the crowd involved throughout the show, calling out to the fans, which received a quick and cheerful response. Growing up religiously listening to the Melody Makers and then following Ziggy’s solo career, it is a joy to see his artistic growth. He always has his ear to world issues and conscious awareness. He never shies away from telling us how it is and should be.


We the people are coming in from the cold to mash up the fake leaders with the powers of one love. It is time that we surround ourselves with a circle of peace. We must start being high on life and realize that love is the religion that will bring the world together. With a world on the brink of chaos, it is reassuring to know that people like Ziggy Marley are out there fighting for peace and love singlehandedly with music.

Steel Pulse set list

Blues Dance Raid

Rally Around

Chant a Psalm


Drug Squad

A who Responsible

Not King James

Babylon Makes the Rules

Don’t Shoot

Stepping Out

Franklin’s Tower

Rollers Skates

Ziggy Marley set list

Rebellion Rises

Change your World

Top Rankin – We And Dem

See Dem Fake Leaders

World Revolution


Get up Stand up

Beach In Hawaii

True to Myself

Love Is My Religion

Circle Of Peace

I will Be Glad

Wild And Free

Coming In From The Cold

We Are The People

Look Who’s Dancing

Is This Love

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