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Ras Slick Releases Groundbreaking ‘No Shackles and Chains’ Video

By March 24, 2017Articles

Popular Reggae singer Ras Slick is winning over audiences with his empowering song “No Shackles and Chains,” which he produced with Kappah Records. Released in January, the politically and socially fueled tune is inspiring listeners worldwide, driving home the message that oppressed people will decry all forms of slavery and vow to break free from any chains that bind them. Upon much anticipation, Reggae music fans get to experience the long awaited groundbreaking video for “No Shackles and Chains,” which is now released online and set for various television outlets this Spring. The moving video delivers the ultimate cinematic interpretation of “No Shackles and Chains,” capturing the attention of viewers from start to finish.
“Powerful, spiritual, reconnecting and bold” are just a few of the ways that the video’s Director A-Roll Productions describes the “No Shackles and Chains” visual. He adds passionately, “I would like the viewers to take away that through unity there is strength to overcome the trauma of the past, and the unforeseen troubles of the future.”
Filmed just minutes outside of the Nation’s Capital, where political turbulence has sparked international attention, Ras Slick brings “No Shackles and Chains” to life. Consistent with the theme of the song’s cover art, “No Shackles and Chains” was shot over two days, with cameos from a plethora of amazing artists and musicians from the Metropolitan Washington, D.C. area. The talented crooner couldn’t have been happier with the overwhelming support that the artist fraternity has given to this project.
The video’s dynamic images are bound to spark the innermost emotions of viewers, as the journey of Black people unfolds.  Live captivating shots of Ras Slick and the ornately adorned extras are intertwined with eye opening footage of events, trials and tribulations, which depict what Blacks have endured throughout history. While the video offers graphic reminders of turbulent times, the images speak to our strength and reaffirm what will no longer be tolerated.

When sharing his thoughts on “No Shackles and Chains,” Ras Slick says, “This project was created with people in mind. The perfectly aligned song and video encourage all of us to keep moving forward and rise above attempts of the powers that be to enslave us.” “A unified people are a powerful people. This take-home message will resonate with all people, whether the oppressor or the oppressed,” the singer adds.

The “No Shackles and Chains” video was so sacred to both Ras Slick and A-Roll Productions that no advance video clips were circulated before the official release date. But based on the incredible buzz of the video’s eye opening images on social media, it’s evident that anticipation for the release was high among Reggae music lovers. Although “No Shackles and Chains” is a serious video, Ras Slick hopes to convey the song’s hopeful and positive message. Tackling social issues through music and videos is not new to the Reggae singer, but unlike any of his other songs to date, “No Shackles and Chains” is a call to action.
As Ras Slick presses forward with his recording of his “ERA, The New” album, he hopes to wake the world “No Shackles and Chains.”



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