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By January 7, 2016Articles, Magazine
Sweet & Tuff - EP Puppa Lek Sèn- Island Stage Magazine

Lëk Sèn grew up in Ngor, a fishing village close to Dakar, in Senegal. Haunted by singing from early childhood he expresses himself by rapping within the SSK music band. Their style develops as they grow up and they start in February 2006 a collaboration with the Louxor Station musicians from Paris.

This common work was rewarded with the album release « Jog Bala Nacc » in Senegal in 2007 in partnership with the association Video KIDAM (Paris) and Radio Nostalgie Dakar, as well as with their selection to participate to the finale of RFI 2007 Prix Découvertes.

Based since then in Paris, Lëk Sèn works on his own guitar compositions, in a more acoustic style with afro-folk-blues sounds and tinted with his sound and touching voice.

His first album « Burn » is released in October 2010 on Makasound label. Written jointly with Leksen, Yvo Abadi, Miguel Saboga and Adrien Behler, the album gathers also some prestigious and inspired musicians, such as Julia Sarr (Lokua Kanza, Youssou N’dour, Femi Kuti…), Mehdi Haddad (Ekova, Speed Caravan), Jeff Kellner (Souad Massi, Tony Allen…), Boubacar Dembélé (Amadou et Mariam), or Kiddus I (Jamaican reggae legend from the 70’s).

Spotted by and selected by France INTER the album will benefit from very good reviews from the BBC to Mondomix, RFI and Vibrations, placing immediately the young singer as an original and essential artist for the current productions.

In 2012 the young Senegalese continues his musical venture with a new album « Tomorrow » foreseen for 28 January 2013 on Chapter Two / Wagram label.

Always surrounded at production by Yvo and Miguel from Louxor Station, as well as FX, sound engineer. Will be present the musicians from his first album, with some nice guests such as the guitarist Amadou Bagayogo, the singer Julila Sarr or the legendary Jamaican singer Clinton Fearon, to name a few, but also featuring Blitz The Ambassador or Harrisson Stafford (Groundation).

Without never disregarding this so particular afro-folk-blues style that characterizes him, reggae – another of Lek Sen’s facets – will have an important part in this new album. An album that should establish the singer among the essential names of the World Music.

Few months after the release of « Tomorrow » in 2013, album greeted with rave reviews from the World Music critics, LËK SÈN, restless creator, is already presenting his new album « Hope Inna Afreeka ». Produced in collaboration with the association JAHSEN CREATION he created to develop his artistic career. To realize his project LËK SÈN (Lead vocals, Guitar, Bass, Drums Calebasse, also Author, Composer, Arranger, Adapter) gathers MAGOU SAMB (Guitar), MAKEDA (Vocals), BLONDIN (Guitar Bass), YOUNG REG (Vocals), OUSMANE KALIL KOUYATE (Kora), LAMINE N’DIAYE (Djembe, Vocals), AVELINO QUILEZ (Guitar, Vocals), ADRIEN BIELHER (Guitar) & YVO ABADI (Drums), to present a new Album: « Urban Blues »… 100% of the benefits will be donated to a music school, in favor of the children in his native village Ngor (Senegal).

On 9 June 2014, Puppa Lëk Sèn released « Jaam Dong » (Only peace), a new album where he clearly defines his style and discourse.

Often identified among the artists who cannot be categorized that we happy to class everywhere (African Blues, World, Reggae, Afrobeat, Rap, …), Lëk Sèn moves in his album towards the source of his inspirations, « Reggae » music. His identity and inspirations remain intact and Lëk Sèn remains as active and a source of renewal as before. He is musically inspired by Burning Spear, Groundation and the legendary Joseph HILL, his lyrics advocate the discourse of Marcus Mosiah Garvey, Emperor Hailé Sélassie Jah Rastafari for the African union and peace in the world.

For the album “Jaam Dong” Lëk Sèn reunited Vi-AVELINO (Guitar), Laurent PENA VIEIRA (Drums), Christophe LAXENAIRE (Keyboard), Ousmane KALIL KOUYATE (Kora), William HOUNTONDJI (Copper), Coco Roots (Sample, Guitar, Bass guitar) and invited LEXON (Vocals), Julia SARR (Chorus) and Méta DIA (Vocals) for featuring. A production by JAHSEN CREATION

On January 29, 2015 Puppa Lëk Sèn released “Silmakha” his first single.

“Silmakha” means the Blind in Wolof. This single, written by Puppa Lëk Sèn, pays tribute to the bravery of children of blind people in Africa. Their entire life is dedicated to their parents « They are their eyes, their guides, their arms… ». The ambiance created contrasts naturally with the lyrics, like a hymn to encourage these children.

Puppa Lëk Sèn signs this single, a subtle mix of African Blues, Reggae, of Senegalese Rythms, supported by a calabash and of dance, which he calls the « Kannassu music » (Crazy music).

This song was written and composed by Puppa Lëk Sèn (Singing, guitar, calabash , drums) and Christophe Laxenaire (keyboard, bass guitar). Production, Realization by JAHSEN CREATION.

On May 5, 2015, Puppa Lëk Sèn released “Lift up your head” his second single.

This single marks the return to roots, enriched by the Jamaican Sound System culture, to which he is very close.

Puppy LËK SÈN comes from hip hop, he was revealed by RFI in 2007 with his band “SSK”; since then his inspirations have been sailing between reggae, world music African blues and urban music. Eight years after his departure from Senegal, he proposes a 100% hip hop song, written in Jamaican language to pay tribute to Marcus Garvey and to Jamaican people, respectful of their African origins.

COMING SOON!! As always on the reggae road, the release of Puppa Lëk Sèn’s 5th album « Sweet & Tuff » is planned for distribution February 5, 2016. Digital EP digital will be already available from 8 October 2015.

The album « Sweet & Tuff » evokes the turbulences of life, sometimes harsh sometimes softer. Human conditions in African make Puppa Lëk Sèn sing, his music is engaged and genuine. Like a missionary, he continues to transmit Rasta culture to new generations.

Inspired by Burning Spear, Groundation and by Joseph Hill, Puppa Lëk Sèn’s lyrics advocate the discourse of Marcus Mosiah Garvey, of Emperor Haïlé Sélassié, … for the African union and peace in the world.

His previous albums, Puppa Lëk Sèn has in store two new featurings! The first with Ilements, this Reggaeman from Sint-Marteen, and the second with the legendary Cédric MYTON des Congos.

Puppa Lëk Sèn has enjoyed making this album, let’s hope the feeling will spread!

Album in collaboration with Coco Roots (Beatmaker), Christophe LAXENAIRE (Keyboard), Laurent PENA VIEIRA (Drums), Vi-Avelino (Guitar), Skunky Skanky (Guitar), Valess (Bass guitar), Makéda (Chorus), Ilements and Cédric MYTON of the Congos.

Sweet & Tuff - EP Puppa Lek Sèn- Island Stage Magazine

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