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Protoje “A Matter of Time” Album Review

By July 18, 2018Articles
Island Stage Magazine

Review by Shelah Moody

Island Stage Magazine


InDigg Nation collective/Overstand Entertainment Presents  A Matter of Time- Protoje’s 4th Studio album


Protoje’s new album, “A  Matter of Time” is another Grammy contender. 

At press time, the ecclectic, 10-track album is already at the top of Billboard’s Top Reggae Album Charts with the likes of Ziggy Marley, Shaggy, Sting and Rebellution. Inspired the state of the world and other events, the young reggae revival singer/DJ  crafts a story filled with rage, pain and joy.

Produced by Winta James and recorded at Tuff Gong Studios in Jamaica, “A Matter of Time” opens with a classical overture and leads into the provacative “Flames,” featuring Chronixx. Smart move, because Protoje’s 2014 collaboration with Chronixx, “Who Knows,” became one of the anthems of the reggae revival movement. 

Chronixx shows up again on Track 7, “No Guarantee.” While Protoje mines Jamaican proverbs and delivers a firey rant about genuine and fake friendships and aliances, Chronixx sings a haunting refrain in ebullient tenor:

“People got expectations

Will they love you? No guarantee 

People all need salvation 

Will they save you? No guarantee”

In this writer’s opinion, Track 2, “Blood Money,” is the jewell of “A Matter of Time.” Protoje brilliantly raps about drug running and corruption is his homeland, Jamaica, against a kick ass riddim: 

“But nuff politician take the donation

So nuff criminal will never see a station

Never see a cell, not even a courthouse

But a every Sunday we see them take the boat out

North coast resort and car dealership

The construction company dem just don’t legit

Use it wash the money, turn it ’round and hide it

When the kickback dem come in, the government delighted,

So So Police cancel operation

‘Cause nuh real bad man nah go station…”

One of Reggae’s hottest touring acts, Protoje has demonstrated the ability to galvanaize the laid back California Roots audience as well as critical roots reggae lovers. Track 4, “Like This,” a love song, is an example of such crossover appeal. In the song Protoje struggles to maintain love and trust in a relationship while working as a touring artist and writing and producing music. 

“Well I’mma do my thing like this

Rock to di riddim like this/They love me when I sing like this, like this, like this” Protoje soulfully croons.


In another love song, “Bout Noon,”  Protoje urges his partner to wait for him to pick her up from work and stay with him “All through night and morning, call your work and tell them “Bout Noon”, calling  to mind tracks such as “No Cigarette Smoking in My Room,” by Stephen Marley and “Beautiful” by Damian Marley.

In terms of songrwiting, passion and production, “A Matter of Time” establishes Protoje as a powerful force in the music industry. 

If you haven’t heard A Matter of Time, your’e missing out!

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Island Stage Magazine-Protoje

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