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Nattali Rize ” Pa’apa’a “

By February 26, 2019Articles
Nattali Rize-Island Stage Magazine

Photos and review by Robin Shaffer

Pure positive vibes on a higher frequency emanated from the stage on Sunday, February 17, 2019 in the form of Nattali Rize and her band, who opened for the Common Kings at Aggie Theatre.

Wrapped in a message of universal alignment, with music as a power to uplift and unite us all, the Australian singer drives  her message across with powerful bass and drums combo of  Sparrow Roots and Steady Punch, aka  Yelluh Yute.  Spyda on keys and Carlo on guitar.

2.17.19 Aggie Theater Ft. Collins, Colorado

Genius bassie Javaughn Bond offering excellent additions of sounds and vibes on keys filled out the sound.  Coupled with the heartical empowering lyrics this would be enough to transform a cold winter Colorado night. But that wasn’t all. Ms. Rize so throws herself into the spirit of connection and harmony that she throws her physical body into her performance with an honesty that projects her values forward. Her lyrics and her teachments between songs are meant to enlighten and release us. She urges us to get in touch with that inner center of ourselves that is our universal heartbeat and unification. To feel that, to let that  expand, to let that joy and honesty and connection be fostered by the musical vibe surrounding us is what elevated the frequency beyond expectation.

Her message is for all of us. And it makes us feel our connection to each other and to that higher frequency that unites us. Recognizing this connection is not just uplifting, it is unusual. In fact, it’s a rebel act to defy Babylon and overlook our separateness and instead seek our common ground. You might say she resonates on a Rebel Frequency. And so do we. Don’t miss her next performance near you.

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