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Mustapha Ahmed Art

By October 16, 2012blog

Meet Mustapha Mohammed!

This brilliant artist from Ghana caught the attention of Island Stage and we want to share his work with you!!

Note that Mustapha is open for portrait commissions from now through the end of December..

Hi Mustapha!! Tell us about you!!

My name is Mustapha Mohammed. I was born and raised in Kumasi, Ghana. I was introduced to art during my basic education at Adum Presby Basic School, I was a good art student but I never took it seriously. I proceeded to Anglican senior High School, Kumasi and then graduated from University of Ghana in 2009 with a bachelor’s degree in zoology. I discovered my passion for art after university whiles I was waiting for my national service posting. I was hanging out with my sister one day and I decided to try sketching her from life whiles we were watching a movie, the results came out good so I wanted to do more, I began drawing everything I see and this was happening every other day and I have not put down my pencils since that time. I developed tricks and techniques of my own and as time went on, my drawings got better. I am very particular about precision and detail, I always try to make my drawings look very realistic and strive to add more details than you can see in the reference I work from. I aspire to produce a drawing more detailed and than a camera could capture.

I have been doing commission works since 2010. I get commissions from other parts of the world, United States, United Kingdom and other parts of Africa. Some of my works has been featured in a couple of galleries in Ghana. Recently I was involved in an event by Samsung to make life portraits of people using the Samsung galaxy note 10.1. This event was covered by TV3 and it has also given me a lot of exposure. My life as an artist has been very wonderful , and I don’t plan on slowing down with it, I keep getting plenty of opportunities and meeting very interesting people, all of this has motivated and inspired me to be a better artist and as person.

I have been inspired and motivated by these other pencil artists, J.D. Hillberry , Emmanuel Apraku, Vipin Raphel, Armin mersmann , Veri Apriyatno, Jeremiah Quarshie etc.

I currently live in Accra Ghana. I try to enjoy life as much as I can when I am not working; I am a fun loving person, music lover and an environmentalist. One of the things I also love is poetry, I draw a lot of inspiration from all these activities. I am always looking for ways and trying to come up with techniques to perfect my craft and I hope and believe I will achieve that with very few years to come. I would like to thank everyone for all the support.

Thank you for sharing yourself with us!! We LOVE your work!!

Link with Mustapha here on facebook

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