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Miriam Simone impressive on ‘Mount Zion’

By October 16, 2015Album Reviews
Miriam Simone impressive on ‘Mount Zion’- Album Review-Island Stage Magazine

Review by Mightnight Raver

For those unfamiliar with Miriam Simone check her latest works and the video for the title track from her brand new album ‘Mount Zion’ and you will find yourself a fan of one of reggae’s emerging new talents – a vocal queen with an uplifting message that resonates with the foundation of Rastafari. This soundly-produced album, released September 22, 2015 on Dredda Records, features Simone taking flight over 14 tightly-wound live instrumental arrangements.

Simone is the reigning reggae queen in her home country of Surinam, where she has reached the top spot on the charts with tracks like 2013’s “Dem A Chat” and “His Kingdom Arise” feat. Lutan Fyah, which is included on the new album. The album’s sound goes from sunshine reggae to deep roots to modern reggae and back again, riding an abiding wave of positivity from start to finish. Thematically, the album touches on themes such as Rasta, love, and the environment.

Producers Decko and Marro have constructed a choice production on ‘Mount Zion,’ with players in tune and on time, never late on the track. However, the production meanders at points and becomes milquetoast at others, and the listener can only wonder what Simone could have accomplished over a more diverse and inventive selection of instrumentals.

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"Mount Zion" Miriam Simone's Debut Album Release!- Island Stage Magazine

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