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Micah Shemaiah Launches ‘BushTea’

By May 8, 2017Articles
~ somewhere in the sunrise ~

Micah Shemaiah and Ark sound presents ‘Bush Tea’ – Acoustic live performances set to begin May 11, 2017 to commemorate the life of Robert Nesta Marley “Bob Marley” .

Bush tea series of acoustic performances will see Micah Shemaiah and the Ark sound perform at different locations or venues all over the world each month while streamed live or pre-recorded.

‘Tea, made from different plant based herbs traditionally called ‘Bush tea’ in Jamaica is the same as roots music undiluted’ according to Micah Shemaiah.
With this project he aims to show the connection with both the natural way of living and the most natural form of music……Acoustic.

Expressing the music Acoustically has always been the first love for Micah Shemaiah. If not all, at least most of his recorded music was first made on his guitar. He started out as an acoustic singer/musician and evolved into singing on all types of Riddims .

However the love for acoustic has always been lingering and calling for him to go forward to his original sound/ style. Hence “Bush Tea”.

Closing out the series Micah Shemaiah will present his 4th studio album of the same name ‘Bush Tea’. Viewers will be treated to previews each month of that upcoming project. 
Catch Micah Shemaiah and the ark sound live… ‘somewhere in the sunrise’. 

In the first episode Micah Shemaiah will:
  •  launch his official website (
  • Shed some light on various homemade remedies passed ‘up’ through generations in Jamaica.
  • Preview one track from 4th coming album ‘Bush Tea’

For more info please email us at:
Contact# 876-504-1009

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Instagram: bush.tea

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