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Marijuana Infused Olive Oil Is on the Rise in California’s Now Legal Market

By January 25, 2017Articles
THC Infused olive oil-Island Stage Magazine

“Our first try tasted awful,” Yannick Crespo says about his marijuana-infused olive oil Pot d’Huile, which debuts later this month at dispensaries around San Francisco. “The cannabis extract didn’t mix with the oil, and the whole thing smelled like a barnyard—not something you’d want to cook with.”

Yeah, we expect medicine to taste bad. So when marijuana was, ehem, purely “medicinal” in California, edible cannabis products could get away with being not so delicious. But after the November passage of Prop 64, recreational marijuana is on track to be legal in the Golden State, allowing casual users to finally drop their pretense of “sleep disorders” and “anxiety.” And with that, vendors are increasingly looking into ways to make pot more palatable—because, let’s face it, no matter how much cannabis connoisseurs drone on about far-out terroirs or tasty strains, weed tastes and smells like weed.

Enter Pot d’Huile, which combines what might be the most Northern Californian elements: a cute glass flask with a sleek label containing cannabis extract and hyperlocal extra virgin olive oil from a small family farm—that wishes to remain anonymous—in the Sierra foothills. Retailing at $42.50, each 100ml-bottle contains 100mg of THC. [Read more at Bon Appetit]

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