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Looking out for the Little Guy

By December 11, 2017Articles
Island Stage Magazine
There’s a cannabis tug of war going on in Sacramento and it’s starting to look like one side may have a lot more heft than the other.

The California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) sent shock waves through the state’s marijuana industry Nov. 16 when it released emergency regulations aimed at guiding the nascent industry through its first months of full-scale legalization (see “Bait and Switch,” Nov. 23). While a cap limiting the size of cannabis farms had long been a central part of the conversation — from years-long legislative efforts to the campaign for Proposition 64, which legalized adult recreational use, and even in the department’s own environmental impact report released just days earlier, the department effectively removed any limitations on how much weed a single farmer or corporation can grow.

While this is obviously a huge concern to relatively small-scale farmers who are afraid they can’t compete with the Monsantos of the cannabis world, regulators have also voiced opposition, noting that California is already producing way more marijuana than it consumes (see “Way. Too. Much. Weed.,” Oct. 5). [Read More @ North Coastal Journal]

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