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Legal Marijuana in Colorado Created Over 18,000 Full-Time Jobs in 2015

By November 14, 2016Articles
Legal Marijuana in Colorado Created Over 18,000 Full-Time Jobs in 2015- Island Stage Magazine

Colorado’s legal marijuana market generated 18,005 full-time equivalent jobs in 2015, according to a new report by the Marijuana Policy Group. Researchers from the Denver-based economic and policy consulting firm examined two years’ worth of cannabis industry numbers to calculate the market’s recent growth and economic impact. They calculated that Colorado’s marijuana industry had created 14,209 jobs the year prior, in 2014.

According to the report, 12,591 of the jobs created by the cannabis market in 2015 were directly involved with the marijuana businesses, with employees hired by growing operations, product manufacturers, and cannabis retail stores and dispensaries. Retail stores and dispensaries hire clerks (“budtenders”) to manage sales transactions and administrative assistants to handle data-entry and general business duties. Growing facilities employ “trimmers” to hand-trim the cannabis plants, agronomists to oversee cultivation, and administrative staff to handle data-entry and compliance requirements. Product manufacturers need factory floor crew members, machine operators and chefs. [Read more at Medical Marijuana Inc.]

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