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Leah Rosier Releases ‘Only Irie Vibes” February 26

By February 15, 2016Articles
Only Irie Vibes- Leah Rosier- Island Stage Magazine

Leah Rosier from Amsterdam, the Netherlands, is passionate about Reggae and combines this with her love for singing and writing songs. As a teenager while she was traveling the world as a professional fashion model, Leah started developing skills to record her own songs. A photoshoot in Jamaica made her fall even more in love with Jamaican music and culture. Since 2010 she has been voicing many different riddims by producers and bands from all over the world. In 2011 she released some of her own productions including the songs ‘Irie’ and ‘Amsterdam’; a collaboration with original ganja farmer Marlon Asher. Leah’s first album High Paw came out in 2012 on her own label Likkle Green. In Amsterdam, she works closely with Black Star Foundation, a non-profit organisation which has been committed to promote Reggae in Holland for more than ten years.

With a joyful international mindset determined to share irie vibes anywhere, Leah has performed with different bands and soundsystems on various stages around Europe. She has done shows at festivals like Reggae Sun Ska (FR) and Rototom Sunsplash (SP) and has opened for artists like Israel Vibration, Ziggy Marley, Etana and Groundation. She has also performed in Jamaica, where she did several shows and got invited by King Yellowman to sing at one of his concerts.

Rise & Shine is a Reggae backing band from Besançon, France, consisting of six experienced musicians and a producer. They are members of Uppertone, a local organisation which has been supporting and promoting Jamaican music in all its forms for over a decade. In the past Rise & Shine have done live shows with French artists like Yaniss Odua and Nuttea. Besides backing reggae and dancehall singers, Rise & Shine also produce their own riddims. For their two projects Opus Riddim (2011) and Pitaya Riddim (2014) they have worked with various artists like Jah Mason, Queen Omega and Ricardo Clarke.

Together, Leah Rosier and Rise & Shine have been making music since 2011 when the band sent Leah some music to voice. This resulted in the songs Music Teach Me (Opus Riddim) and Love Fyah, featured on Leah’s first album High Paw. In March 2012 they all met each other when Leah came to Besançon for three weeks to rehearse for their first shows that same month. Ever since Leah Rosier and Rise & Shine started performing live they’ve had a great connection, bringing out a lot of creativity in each other. They’ve done many gigs in and around France in bars, clubs and festivals. They’ve opened for French acts like Danakil and Mo’Kalamity. In 2014 they made a video for Leah’s song Enough Is Enough on Rise & Shine’s Pitaya Riddim. A year later they performed on the Showcase Stage at Rototom Sunsplash Festival in Spain. All this productivity and their strong bond naturally led into making an album together.



Leah Rosier-Only Irie Vibes-Island Stage Magazine

01 Only Irie Vibes: The album’s title song. The riddim (Jah Mission) is originally written by Dubshelter Recordings from Amsterdam formerly known as Not Easy At All Productions. The name says it all; Leah Rosier and Rise & Shine are all about the irie vibes. The video for this song also fully represents this. “Only irie vibes, let this loving feeling rule you.”

02 What Goes Around: Whatever happens, know what comes around goes around. Even if it seems like someone is trying to break your spirit; let it go. When your body, mind and soul are in harmony, endless possibilities arise easily.

03 All Around The World: When Leah went to Jamaica in January 2015 she was determined to record a collaboration with the legendary vocal group The Mighty Diamonds for this album. It worked out great and you can hear their soothing voices on this track about not wanting to stay stuck in the system; it’s time for a revolution.

04 Stay Strong: One of the first songs Leah ever wrote about love years ago. If you love someone, set them free and stay strong.

05 Herbalist: A homage to all herbalists, those who work hard to cultivate the cannabis that we use for medication, meditation and recreation.

06 Lottery: In this society one can get fooled easily. Losing hope and not connecting to the real powers we have can trick you into hate, wanting war and putting too much faith in lottery tickets.

07 One Day: Leah wrote this track a while ago after her first trip to Jamaica, daydreaming about moving there one day.

08 Rebel The Music: A duet recorded in Kingston with Jamaican artist Jahbar I about universal love and not giving up on the plan of getting together to change the world with conscious music.

09 Sing In The Morning: Singing is healing. For Leah the best remedy against anything is to sing.

10 No Evil Live On: The title of this track is a palindrome. The song is about Leah’s experiences with sleep paralyses. Late at night she wakes up, not able to move or speak. When she calls out the word Jah she is able to move again. No evil can live on when you give thanks and praise every day.

11 Fit For A King: When you’re ready to meet your king or queen, follow your heart and don’t let anyone get in between you and your dreams.

12 High Grade Woman: Leah is from Amsterdam where she has happily been working in a coffeeshop for years and dedicated this song to it. In her opinion normalization of the holy herb all over the world is a must.

13 My Dream: The album finishes with a soulful song about a dream Leah had where she encountered a group of Nyabinghi drummers who invited her to join.

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