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Judah Tribe- Nu Day Dawnin

By April 17, 2013blog

Written by Maliika Walker – Island Stage

A New Day is Dawnin in reggae music, are you ready? Reggae is undergoing a root’s revival. Artists such as Protoje, Kabaka Pyramid, Chronixx, Jah9 and Dax Lion are setting the reggae world on fire with the roots reggae vibe. While listening to Judah Tribe’s debut album, Nu Day Dawnin, I imagined being transported back to the golden era of reggae – the 1970’s. What comes to mind when you think of the 70’s era of reggae music? I immediately think of reggae greats like Burning Spear, Jacob Miller, Dennis Brown, and of course Bob Marley & the Wailers. I think of political violence and worldwide oppression. Artists of that time were drawn to create music filled with messages of Rastafari, social issues, and fighting Babylon. Fast forward to the present and you will see the same injustices exist today as they did in the 70’s. We are in an era where people need to hear a message filled with hope, faith, and justice more than ever. Judah Tribe’s debut album, Nu Day Dawnin, is here to feed the people with that message. This is music that will draw you to not only listen, but also make you want to do something to show people that there is a better way to live. Get ready for ‘A Nu Day’!

The self-produced album opens to the sounds of Psalm 23. Hearing ‘the lord is my shepard’ over the sounds of the guitar and percussion opened my soul to hear the heavenly sounds to follow. The majestic voices grab hold of the listener and does not let go. On ‘Go Tell it On The Mountain’ the band calls for people to ‘to get up if you fall down’. Everyone has trials and tribulations from time to time. This song sings to the inner spirit to keep fighting and to ‘get up rise up’. The band’s R&B influence is clearly felt on such songs as ‘Smile’. I felt that the song presents a unique bridge between reggae and soul. On Sleepwalker’ the band says, ‘they are tired of corruption and pollution Sleeptalker we ain’t buying it no more.’ While listening to this song I pictured the Civil Rights demonstrations of the 60’s and 70’s. I couldn’t help but feel that it was time again for people of all colors to mobilize and fight the system against the injustices of the world.

The album is filled with nothing but great music. ‘Nu Life’ talks about how we don’t need any more tears or frowns, amidst life’s trials and tribulations we need new life. On ‘Nu Day Dawnin’ the band declares that we should all rise with the morning sun, a brand new day a come; I look forward to rising with the morning sun with this song in my head as I face each day. One of my favorites from the album is the track, ‘Mother Earth’, a prayer to Jah on behalf of our planet. You truly feel the band’s plea for earth and their desire to see earth smile again. The album has many other standouts including ‘Wild Locust and Honey’, and ‘Bright Sunny Day’. I love the live instrumentation vibration you have no choice but to feel on every song on the album. I pictured myself in the studio witnessing them record the album live and in person. That is the feeling you get while listening to each track.

Judah Tribe is on a mission to feed the people with nothing but positivity and knowledge through music. With ‘Nu Day Dawnin’, Judah Tribe has provided a great debut album filled with the message today’s music listener is readily embracing. Roots reggae is once again experiencing a rebirth. This album will captivate anyone who listens to it because it is filled with enlightening music that will inspire you to get up, rise up, and smile. An album that inspires its listener’s to pray for mother earth and to act against the injustices we face today. This well produced debut will grab you from the first note and carry you to the last. Give it a listen. Get to know Judah Tribe. They will be here for many years to come.

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