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‘Jamakka’ Art!!

By October 10, 2012Art

Greetings All!

My name is Jamakka (Colleen) Wilkins. I am a novice artist self-taught. My artwork reflects the diversities of people.I mostly use colored chalks and colored pencils.

I have lived in the pacific northwest as well as Colorado, Japan, Texas and now California. I am married to a wonderful man (JC) and have two grown sons who live in Colorado.

My first love has always been art. I am a self-taught artist. Art has always kept me sane in a world of lots of craziness. My inspiration comes from the many people and cultures I have encountered. I have shown my work in Annie Lee’s art gallery in Las Vegas, NV. I also love photography, roots reggae music, reading, beaches, being outdoors, good food and good friends!

My life right now, consists of college homework as of late. I recently graduated back in May with a degree in Social and Behavioral Science with honors. The degree I am working on now is in Early Childhood Development I have been teaching early childhood development for 20+ years and love every single minute of it! In between schoolwork I often get an idea of a piece I want to create so I stop and sketch. Later, I will add onto what I have already sketched until I have a finished product to my satisfaction.

Keep looking out for more art pieces in the future!
Feel free to contact me at: Email Me or at Jamakka Facebook page

One Love~

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