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Jah Mason “Love and Wisdom”

By January 7, 2016Articles, Interviews, Magazine
Jah Mason-Interview_Love &Wisdom- Reggae Reflection-Island Stage Magazine

By: Empress K

Jah Mason has created an extensive catalog of music over the course of his nearly 25 year career. His latest album, aptly-titled, Love and Wisdom is his 20th official studio album and the first project with New Creation Records, his new management team based in Atlanta, GA. In high spirits after a wonderful rehearsal session with his new band, Kasha Macca, I  had a chance to chat with Jah Mason the day before his album launch at the Redbones Jazz and Blues Club in New Kingston, Jamaica. Love & Wisdom tells the story of everyday life with several songs speaking to the trials and tribulations of love relationships as well as themes pertaining to the benefits of a natural way of life.  Jah Mason shared his vision of the album stating, “It’s all about Love & Wisdom and the concept is about everyday living environmentally, and we just put it into words, to deliver the message through music as a transportation to send it across the world.” While Jah Mason popularly known as Fire Mason may be well known for his fiery lyrics and high energy performances, he displays a diverse range on the new album including a softer side with a large mixture of love songs to appeal to a wide audience.  Jah Mason shared with me that the love songs are natural, he is a real person and falls in love just like anyone else, explaining “ I express myself through music.  The world have to see it, Jah Mason represents for love.”    

Giving back to his local community is also something that Jah Mason also well known as Farmer Man is passionate about.   Planting crops in his home parish of Manchester to help support the local community is just one of the areas of his involvement.  He recently provided his strength and support for a benefit concert in St. Vincent to raise funds for relief efforts in Dominica.  Closer to home, he is establishing a charity to assist children with learning disabilities and another as well to enable fans with special needs to attend concerts.

Hear more about Jah Mason’s work on the new album, his upcoming plans,  his advice to artists to acquire proper business knowledge, and last but not least, his thanks and message to fans in the full interview below.

The Love & Wisdom Album Launch took place at Redbones Jazz and Blues Club, 11/24/15
Setting the overall tone for the evening Jah Mason accompanied by the uplifting sounds of Kasha Macca, kicked off the up-close and intimate performance with Life so Joyful from his 2004 album Never Give Up. The entertaining set was a versatile mixture of popular songs from his extensive catalog such as Rise & Shine, Chalwah, and Farmer Man, mixed in with selections from Love & Wisdom including Can You Feel My Pain, From Wah Day, Trouble on Your Shoulder, and When You Love Someone.

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