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The Italian philosopher Franco Berardi ‘Bifo’ will attend the Rototom Sunsplash Social Forum

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Foto Luca d'Agostino/Phocus Agency

Foto Luca d’Agostino/Phocus Agency

The XXIII edition of the reggae festival will be held in Benicassim (Spain) on august 13 to 20. Photo: Luca D’Agostino.

The respected media author, theorist and activist, will analyse the future of humanism in the 21st Century.

Benicàssim |  june, 16  2016

Participating in the next edition of the Rototom Sunsplash will be one of the most contemporary and influential philosophers when it comes to theories and activism related to the media. We are of course talking about the Italian, Franco Berardi ‘Bifo’ who will participate in the session “Does humanism have a future in the 21st Century?”.

An activist since May 68, Berardi founded the magazine A/traverse (1975-1981) and was a member of Radio Alice –the mother of all Italian pirate radios-. He also founded Tv Orfeo –the first community television in Italy-.

Like many other intellectuals that participated in the autonomous political movement in Italy, the 70’s he left for Paris. There, he worked with philosophers and intellectuals such as Félix Guattari. While, in 1978 he had to leave for New York fleeing the triumph of neoliberalism in Italy.

Franco Berardi, ‘Bifo’.

Among other themes, the Social Forum will talk about the need to increase the implication of young people to recover the place of the subject in the world through imagination and creativity, beyond the traditional alternatives of struggle and resistance formulated in the 20th Century.

Professor of Media Theory in the Milan Fine Arts Academy, he also teaches in Superior Learning Institute Aldini Valeriani Bologna. Furthermore he has collaborated Semiotexte (New York), Chimerees (Paris), Metropoli (Rome), Musica 80 (Milan) o Archipiélago (Barcelona). Franco Berardi has published over twenty books including Le ciel est enfin tombé sur la terre (Paris, 1978), Mutazione e Ciberpunk (Geneva, 1993), Cibernauti (Rome, 1994), Generación Postalfa(Buenos Aires, 2007), La fábrica de la infelicidad (Rome, 2000) and Heroes, mass murder and suicide (London, 2015).

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