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The History Of 420: National Weed Day

By May 19, 2017Articles

An article from our friends at RedEyesOnline

April 20th is unofficially known as National Pot Smoking Day or National Weed Day, and while most stoners have zero issue with having another reason to wake and bake, they stumble a little when the question is put to them about the origins of 420.

Some marijuana smokers claim the name is in reference to the best day of the year to plant weed, while others are convinced it is a simply a reference to the police radio code for weed smoking.

The time has come to dispel all the myths and get to the bottom of this clouded mystery once and for all.

Do a search on Google for 420 and you will have over 800 million links to comb through in your search for an answer.

The crazy stories surrounding the birth of this weed day go from unlikely to wildly imaginative.

To get the answer of where the meaning of 420 comes from, first, we need to eliminate the most common responses and theories surrounding National Pot Smoking Day. Time to clear the smoke:

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