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Here’s How Washington State’s Marijuana Laws Just Changed

By May 24, 2017Articles
Washington Marijuana Law change-Island Stage Magazine

A week ago, Washington Governor Jay Inslee signed an omnibus marijuana bill, containing many changes to the regulations put in place in 2013, after Washington voters legalized recreational marijuana sales in 2012.

Senate Bill 5131 passed the Senate on April 20 with a vote of 44-5, and the House that same day, 63-33.

What developments does this marijuana mega-bill contain? Here’s our wrap-up of the major changes that could affect how Washingtonians and visitors experience legal weed in The Evergreen State. (All of these regulations go into effect July 23, 2017)

Sharing your bowl is now legal

Believe it or not, the 2012 law that legalized recreational marijuana in the state forbade sharing a single leaf of one’s stash. Now, anyone 21 years or older can “deliver” to another adult up to one-half ounce of flower, eight ounces of infused solid edible, 36 ounces of infused liquid, or three and one-half grams of concentrates, as long as they don’t charge money. However, keep your consumables in their original store packaging if you want to hand off in public.

Medical marijuana card-holders can buy seeds and clones directly from producers

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