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Global Reggae Charts-November 2017

By November 21, 2017Articles

This month, we have a bunch of news. We updated our website, introduced an opportunity for artists to share new music with voters, tweaked the voting process and, of course, we have new charts as well. Let’s go through these, one by one. 

We launched a new page where we present our voters. Before, we included them in every edition of our magazine. But for the sake of user-friendliness and transparency, we now also put them on our website. This allows everybody to understand how the charts are being created. Also, of course, it is a nice incentive for voters. 

Since several artists approached us and asked how they could get onto the charts, we wanted to provide them with more opportunities to inform the voters about their music. The voter list serves as one solution. The other one is the introduction of a music sharing opportunity. For a small fee, artists can publish their music in the voter backend of the GRC. Thereby, voters will have the opportunity to browse new music once they are logged in. The feature is in beta mode right now and we are glad to hear your feedback! 

In order to increase the variety of music that receives votes – thereby giving unusual suspects a better chance to make the charts – we have expanded the number of votes per voter from 10 to 20. We are currently watching closely how this influences the chart results and might readjust in the future. One overarching goal of the GRC is to provide charts that reflect the global reggae scene, therefore we want to give artists who are not yet established a realistic chance to make it. 

Last but not least, you’ll find a new edition of the GRC as well. Without spoiling: there is some good music to be found in there. Watch out!



Thomas Euler is founder of the German reggae & dancehall blogazine



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