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Global Reggae Charts- Issue 4

By August 18, 2017Articles
Global Reggae Charts-Island Stage Magazine

Welcome to a new edition of the Global Reggae Charts! The past voting period has been the first using our updated voting mechanism which I explained last month. Our voter base now consists of radio hosts and professional curators from a variety of media outlets. If you meet the qualifying criteria – a detailed version of which you can find on our website at – you can register and become a voter yourself. We feel confident that our system is fairly robust by now, so the next step is to grow our international voter base in order to make the charts ever more useful.

Over the last months, I mainly used this space to explain our system and the ongoing tweaks we implemented on that end. This time around, let’s talk about our ezine.

Besides the charts themselves, we always feature some of our voters. We want to give you a better idea of who the people from around the globe are that put their time and effort into reggae and dancehall. While they are usually in the background, we think they deserve some spotlight – and the Global Reggae Charts are the perfect platform to provide it. We also feature an artist in every edition. After all, the artists are the heart and soul of any music scene and reggae isn’t an exception. But since we don’t intend to build a new reggae media outlet – our media partners and several others do an excellent job at this already! – we try to take more of an industry perspective.

We have several other ideas how to make the magazine more interesting going forward. We are thinking about topics that aren’t usually covered in most reggae publications. But in order to make any decisions, we would love to learn a bit more about you, the readers. Thus, we’ve created a very brief reader poll. You can find it at and we would really appreciate it if you’d take three minutes and fill it out!

A final word on our media partners: We are very glad that some of the biggest brands in reggae media are interested in the Global Reggae Charts and frequently cover them. We want to create a useful resource for the global reggae community. And reaching this community is critical for the quality of the charts themselves! The more people know the charts, the more relevant they become – which makes it more important for voters to participate, which in turn makes the charts more robust and, frankly, better.

Thus, if you have an audience – be it in writing, radio, podcasting, video or TV even (that would be awesome!) – which is interested in reggae music and would like to feature our charts, just drop us a line. We’ll get back to you right away so we can discuss how we can make it as simple as possible for you to publish the charts (or about them).



Thomas Euler is founder of the German reggae & dancehall blogazine

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