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Gia’s Irie Kitchen

By June 3, 2012Cuisine

Caribbean and African Vegetarian Cuisine

Gia’s roots are from the beautiful Bahamas. She comes from a family of women who love to cook and have all of the family together to eat. She says ” True story, if you didnt go to church, you had to fix Sunday dinner.” “I missed church a few Sundays!” Cooking is Gia’s passion. “I love when people eat my dishes and say mmmmmm you should open a restaurant or do some catering.” I hear that alot as well as ” Gia, you should try out for tv shows.”

When we asked Gia about becoming a vegetarian, she said that she got away from eating meat as a teenager. “It freaks me out!” It’s an animal and I would sometimes eat chicken or fish here and there, but as I got older I realized my passion for veggies was healthy.”

Gia likes to infuse her Caribbean roots with African origins. In 1979, food and cooking became spiritual as she learned more about Rasta Fari and began to experience cooking and eating differently.

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