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Get to Know Taj Johnson

By March 5, 2017Articles
Taj Johnson-Africa's Gathering-Video-Island Stage Magazine

The Reggae industry over the years has unearthed an enormous amount of talent, needless to say, today the legacy continues. Short in stature, Sheavon A.R. Givans, more popularly known as Taj Johnson, is at a present one of the islands most promising young acts. Lyrically captivating, vibrant, spiritual and packed with melodies, this Libran has captured many ears with his ability to reach individuals with his creative and substantial content.

Taj Johnson-Island Stage Magazine

Born September 24, 1993, Taj Johnson spent most of his life enjoying the city life offered by Kingston. Unlike many other upcoming artistes Taj never sought to enter the local music industry prior to his admittance to the St. George’s College in 2006. While there, his ultimate goal was to become a soldier or actively involved in aviation. However, fate had other plans. In the 9th grade, a student group (comprising of 14 members) called the “So-Sick Empire” approached Taj asking for his assistance in creating the lyrics for a song that the group was working on. It was at that point in time that his innate creativity and lyrical ability was exposed. Friends and classmates after recognizing his gift and untapped potential advised him to create more lyrics and work on his craft.

Taj Johnson-Island Stage Magazine

In recent years, Taj has focused on live performances whilst being part of a collective called ‘Street Orchestra Live” which consisted of other talented artistes/musicians that made substantial content. It was around this time that Taj Johnson learned to play the guitar and was first taught by Country-Reggae singer and former member of Street Orchestra Live, Rokkustik.

Currently. Taj Johnson is working on his E.P titled “Path Of Taj” – the first single being “Africa’s Gathering“, where it will be recorded, mixed and mastered by 10star Muzic. This project surrounds the development and growth of Taj’s music over the years, where he has not released a song since 2015. During his absence from the public, Taj has been soul-searching, training his vocals, studying writing styles and learning to love his self and all that is natural as well is connecting with people on his vibration levels.


Taj Johnson-Africa's Gathering-Video-Island Stage Magazine


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