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Get to Know Samory I

By April 4, 2017Articles, Interviews

Samory-Tour Frazer, otherwise known as Samory I was born November 21,  1989, a Gaddite, to parents Owen and Muriel Frazer. Samory I has a passion for music, as a child he sang every day. An ardent church goer, he performed at many church functions and brought the congregations to tears on many occasions upon hearing his melodious sounds. He greatly admired the reggae icons of his day and once ask his dad at age 4 “do you know where Sizzla lives?” as he would love to meet him.

Samory I was part of a group JDT that entered many competitions and were successful in quite a few. In 2013 Samory I  decided to take his career seriously by beginning to record. He met with First Born Management Bridgett Anderson who has been responsible for the careers of Garnet Silk and Jahmali to name a few. This synergy resulted in the young artiste performing for the first time at the Digicel’s Bob Marley Tribute at Emancipation Park and the Dennis Brown tribute on the Water Front. He has been performing at quite a few events since the launch of his career in 2013.

His recording career has also taken great strides with him recording his first single for AJANG Records “Just Believe”.  He has also recorded a few tracks with renowned producer Niney The Observer. This allowed him the distinct honour of working with ace musicians the likes of Sly Dunbar, the late Style Scott, Errol “Flabba” Holt, Dalton Brownie, Dean Fraser and Nambo Robinson to name a few.

He is presently in studio with Rory Stone Love recording his debut album on the Black Dub label. Both producer and artiste are excited about this project. Tracks on the album include “Take Me Oh Jah”, “Rasta No Gangsta”. The first single to be released in December 2014 is entitled “African Queen”. The launch for this will coincide with the RJR Groups Kingston Music Week. The sky is the limit for this talented lyricist and singer.

Samory I, in the prime of his life is convinced that he has been summoned by the Almighty God with his God given talent to be a voice of Jah, to the people, proclaiming that reggae music is indeed the music of the King and a voice from God ready to guide and deliver His people.

Gad……..A troope shall press upon him but he will overcome in the end…………

Once again, Rory (Stone Love) Gilligan has introduced us to an amazing talent, and we can’t wait for the album Black Gold!

We recently had the opportunity to speak with Samory I. Here is our conversation:

Interview by: Kizzy Riske

Kizzy: I know you have been in the studio lately, would you like to tell us what you’re currently working on?


Samory I: I’ve been in the studio working on my new album Black Gold, on Black Dub label. It’s going to be released at the end of April so I’ve been spending much of my time in the studio; mostly in the early mornings.


Kizzy: The best work is done in the early mornings, right?


Samory I: Yeah, I guess it is.


Kizzy: So, what is next for you after the Album comes out? Do you have any plans to tour?


Samory I: Yeah. Negotiations are in place to secure services of a booking agent, but in the interim we will be doing some shows in the Caribbean and a major production slated for Toronto in September with artists like the Marley’s, Israel Vibrations, Third World and Andrew Tosh to name a few.

We’d like to give the album some time to be out and to let people hear it before we start to tour so more people are familiar and vibing the music, so when touring starts a greater demand would have been created.


Kizzy: A show with that line up sounds fun. I bet that will be a big show.


Samory I: Yeah, I hope it’s big. Yeah, it will be good.


Kizzy: So, how is it being a part of the ‘Reggae Revival’ movement?


Samory I: I’m not a part of that really. Well, America calls it ‘Reggae Revival’ but I Man calls it Rastafari. It has the same mission though, you know, bringing the Teachings of His Imperial Majesty (Rastafari) Message in the music and lyrics; Bringing Christ to the Nation.


Kizzy: Thank you for that honest answer. I respect that.


Samory I: Yeah, Bless.


Kizzy: And how is it working with Rory Stonelove? He’s quite the producer!!


Samory I: It’s different working with the Kingman. Hard work every day. It’s good.


Kizzy:  Since becoming ‘Jamaican Breakthrough Artist of 2015’ what have you learned and how have you grown?


Samory I: I have grown in terms of years, I mean it’s 2 years between 2015 and 2017, but spiritually is a definite. Understanding fully what I am supposed to know now.


Kizzy: Positive growth, yeah. And how about musically? How do you feel you’ve grown within the industry?


Samory I: I have learned and have a better understanding of the business part of the industry and what I’m supposed to do.


Kizzy: Ok, that’s good.


Kizzy: So, who are you currently listening to the most and who is influencing your music the most at the moment?

Samory I: I’m always listening to Dennis Brown and Peter Tosh. Right now though, right now Derajah and Chronixx, those are the ones that influence me right now.


Kizzy: They influence me too.


Kizzy: What advice could you give to the youth wanting to follow in your footsteps as a musician?


Samory: For the youth following in my footsteps to be a musician I would say, Reach from your heart and be patient. Love the music and the music will love you.


Kizzy: That’s a great message. I love that. And what about the new album Black Gold? What is the message you are putting out through your album?


Samory: The message is: To hold on. In everything there is Jah.


Kizzy: Another great message! Well, before we close the interview, is there anything else you would like to say while you have the opportunity to reach so many people with Island Stage Magazine?


Samory: Yeah. There are many diamonds in the rough, you know. Give the youth a chance to show you who they are and what they have to offer. You never know who may be the next Bob Marley.


Kizzy: That’s right, you never know.

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