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Get to know Artist and Designer Ziv Lahat!

By December 19, 2016Articles
Artist- Ziv Lahat-Island Stage Magazine


Meet Ziv Lahat.

“I’m a Street Artist,Illustrator,Painter,Lowbrow Artist and Fashion and Toy Designer.

I live in Israel,I was born in Ivory Coast from an Israelien Parents that were in a mission there.

In my early age I was influenced by many cultures – especially Ethnic, which influenced most of my art.

From earlier Reggae and Rastafari was in my veins, I loved to listen to Alpha Blondy,Bob Marley,Jacob Miller,Ras Michael,Gregory Issacs,Lee Scratch Perry and many more…Rastafari and Reggae Brought to me the light and the good vibes in my life.

Later on in life I studied fashion design in Paris (ESMOD) and later took part in exciting fields in the fashion world, including advertising of my own created costumed shoes,collaborate with a few sneakers shops and an article about my shoes art,Styliste,Personal Shopper and Fashion Designer for a few companies in the industry.
I am influenced by many diffrent artistic fields that accompanied me most of my life, such as street art culture(Graffiti,Toys,Comics,Vinyl Toys,Tags,Characters etc..), kustom kulture (50′s, hot rods, pinstriping, exotica), history, Ethnica, music (Ska,Reggae,Hip Hop,Psychobilly,Jazz,Rockabilly,Punk,Gothic and Tribal Music) tattoo culture, Primitive art, Lowbrow and many more, which influenced my designs,art and ideas.

I love to create my own style with a lot of thinking and good vibes…From Tiki to Psychobilly from Ska to Surf etc…

Check out just a few of Ziv’s rasta art:









1. My art has been published at Frontend Magazine Vol.35 2016 in Japan.

2. Article About my works at Chausser Magazine Issue 179 2009 in France.

3. Article about my art and my figures  at Kustom Life Magazine Issue 3 2016 in Germany.

4. An interview online about my art at (13/6/2016) in France.

5. Article about my art at Aesthetica Magazine Issue 72 August – September 2016 in UK.

6. An interview online about my art at Section 8 Magazine (17/7/2016) in USA.

7. An article about my art at Pizza Pyramid Skate Zine Issue 5 2016 in USA. article and published my art at Section 8 magazine(Paper) issue 34 in USA.

9.Cd Compilation for OX Fanzine Issue 129 December – January 2017 Germany.

10.An article at Contemporary Art Curator

11.An article at StreetRobots (18/08/2015)

12.An article at (17/08/2015)

13.An Article at (18/08/2015)

14.An article at Toy Chronicle (16/08/2015)


Skateboard Artshow in Sao Paulo Brazil from december 2016 until january 2017 (Mostra Sk8art life show).

Barcelona International Art Fair 2016 (16-17 December 2016).


One Love.

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