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Get to Know 6Points Band

By June 6, 2017Articles


“United we stand, divided we fall…..” A phrase used to solidify the significance of the  6Points Band, is the central axis on which this unit of musicians co-exist with each other thus forming a “bond” within the band. The name “6Points” is derived from the ancient Star Of David, to represent the balance of our  spiritual and physical realms (thought-action). ‘Actions based upon thoughts.’

  Frequent hang-outs, playing together (jamming) was the common ground on which each member “jelled”  with one another during the September to October period of 2014. As Preliminary Qualifying students of the Edna Manley College Of The Visual And Performing Arts, jam sessions would soon turn into practice sessions which eventually brought out the character-soul in each member respectively, giving rise to a refreshed “soul-roots” sound. With encouragement from fellow schoolmates and lecturers, also proved that this ‘vibe’ could manifest into a meaningful purpose to promote love, unity and harmony through the integration of the arts and culture in our society.

  Mr. Michael Fletcher, bass player, lecturer, mentor, and tutor, has been one of the band’s most influential player in the development of the unit providing valuable inputs about the music and the industry. Fletcher saw the potential and talent of this group of young musicians and decided he would join and assist in the growth of the band. With his guidance and mentoring abilities, 6Points continues to grow and develop as a humble and hard working unit.

  As time elapses and musical vibrations grew stronger and closer, more practice sessions cemented the deafening realization that this unit has the potential to inspire and teach others as well as its members. Influences such as  Rock, Afro-Cuban, Jazz, Rocksteady, Ska and reggae to name a few, has been our  sources of inspiration from time to time as each member bring his own “soul” to the sound. The messages depicted in the music produced by the 6Points Band offer great motivation, confidence and hope of having a world in which we can all “Live As On










 Band Members

Salim  Browne – Bassist

Kyle  McKenzie – Drummer

Kenardo  Ellis – Lead Singer/ Rhythm Guitarist

Ashir  Plummer – Lead Guitarist

Aldaine  Goodall –  Pianist

Tajae  Jemison –  Pianist

Okiel  McIntyre – Trumpeter

Oshane Love – Saxophonist

6Points band just released their first single entitled How Far. The official debut single for the band, available on iTunes!!!!

Click the pic to purchase on ITunes

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