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By March 3, 2016Articles, Magazine
Fyakin-Interview-Island Stage Magazine

 Musician, Performer, Producer, Writer

– Reggae / Reggae Soul / Dancehall –

If music can ever be described to have an element of “refined rawness” then you have aptly described Fyakin’s music. A young talent to rise out of Portmore, Fyakin is here to claim his place in music history with his honest lyrics and signature delivery.

Fyakin was born in Kingston, Jamaica in 1988. Many persons have been pleasantly surprised after listening to his music as he sounds like a “seasoned Reggae veteran”. He realized at an early age that ‘writing and chanting’ was his destiny. He gratefully credits all he has accomplished to the positivity imparted by his older brother, Neumowatt, a brilliant songwriter. The Most High calls on you when you are young, cause you are strong’ comments a confident Fyakin.

Fyakin finds himself surrounded by other cultural Reggae icons in the industry, such as I Wayne and Gyptian, who have taken reggae to new heights over the past few years.

Fyakin humbly credits I Wayne for imparting valuable words of wisdom that has helped to keep him on the righteous path. ‘I Wayne told me to sing life music, culture music. No gun tunes, and that’s what I have been doing.’ He acknowledges however, the influences of other reggae artistes such as Burning Spear, I Wayne, Richie Spice, Jr Gong, Sizzla, in steering Fyakin’s career in the right direction. He has performed in front of some of island’s largest audiences by making appearances at Sting, East Fest, Island Explosion, Spring Break and many more.

In recent years Fyakin has been broadening the scope of his musical reach by voicing for producers in America and Europe as well as in Jamaica.

He’s had the opportunity to travel to America for the filming of “Old Vibes” a song he did for the Upsetta Record label based in Vermont, USA. When traveling to the States for production work, he’s also performed on stages in New York, Philadelphia, and South Florida.

This year finds Fyakin working to perfect his skills as a producer and musician, while continuing to write songs that have a powerful and lasting effect.

In summer of 2015 Fyakin released his first full length album titled “Child of The Nile” under his label, Nyle Banks Music. 

Fyakin-Island Stage Magazine

IS: Tell us about your artist name “Fyakin”

Fyakin: The name Fyakin came from an African name Akinshejula which means valor awakes, brave. With that being said, the message I deliver in my music is Fyah substance, so I decided to put both words together and take shejula off. That’s how Fyakin came about. I got the name at 5th element records from the man himself “Subby”

IS: How long have u been in the music industry?

Fyakin: I have been doing music professionally 11 years now. Before that, I write music and freestyle for my friends in school and on the corner where we would showcase our musical skills and talent. 

IS: What are your most memorable moments musically  

Fyakin: My most memorable moment was back in 2008 when I performed at Sizzla’s birthday bash at Temple Hall Estate in  Jamaica. I was entering the stage and started singing and everyone came gathering at the foot of the stage cheering and singing my song before I came to center stage. It was a little scanty, meaning not alot of people at front stage the crowd was scattered out on the lawn . I pulled those people in to listen my vibration and they loved it. It was definitely a good vibe and I even made the newspapers with the energy and vibe. 

IS:  What was the first tune to make it to airwaves?

Fyakin: The first single that made it to airwaves was a song called They Dont Know back in 2005. It was produced by Fifth Element Records 

IS:  How do you balance your music with other obligations – mate, children, job?

Fyakin: To be honest, music is my job and it’s like working Monday to Friday and taking weekends off to spend time with the family. I always try to do things with my family on weekends like see a movie or something like that.

IS:  What personal advice would you give to someone wanting to pursue this career?

Fyakin: Know what you are getting into before you get into it. Basically have the knowledge of the business and how it works. You  have to love it and not just see it as a job only, make it your passion. Lack of knowledge about the industry can hurt you in the long run. Definately learn about the business aspects of the music industry.

IS: What  can people expect to see at your LIVE performances

Fyakin: You can expect a passionate performance and you might see me playing some congo drums here and there, maybe playing a little keyboard. You never know what can happen! Expect the unexpected when it comes to me! I keep growing and finding new talents each day. 

IS: How would you describe your music using only 3 or 4 words?

Fyakin: Soulful, Uplifting, Cultured and Truthful

IS: If you could change one thing about the music industry, what would it be?

Fyakin: I would love to see unity in the business. I would change the politics that is taking away from the growth of the genre. 

IS: Do you have any other interests or talents you would like to share with us? How do you like to enjoy your relaxation time away from the music?

Fyakin: I enjoy my time away from the music in the hills, under a cool tree on a hammock,blazing my good green, just being around the birds bees and mother nature. I enjoy the rivers with some peace and quiet.

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