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EP Review of “The Experience” – Lila Ike

By June 14, 2020Album Reviews, Articles

Review by Jen Cheshire

The straight-shooting, free-spirited, yet easy-going singer who belts soulful tunes with a velvety smooth voice. Born and raised in the cool hills of Manchester, Lila attended the Manchester High School where her love for music truly started to form. Affectionately labeled the ‘class clown’, Lila was usually in the position where she would be asked to create jingles on the spot for class presentations, or just be caught in class ‘freestyling’ with her friends. She cites influencers from a wide range of genres- from pop to lover’s rock, to rhythm and blues. She even goes as far as to describe herself as an ‘old soul’- often channeling the soulful sounds of influencers like Garnet Silk, Whitney Houston, Alicia Keys and more.” 

It was hard to be subjective when reviewing “The Experience” by Lila Ike due to the excitement leading up to this E.P. I had heard singles that had been released and I liked them so I was expecting more of the same type of sound but I was in for a surprise. This EP is a mix of roots reggae, R&B/ reggae fusion, and soulful love songs.

The EP opens up with “Where I’m Coming From”, a song praising where Lila Ike has come from and the influence of her family and the elders in her life. She sings of the strength she gained from her mother and how she is grounded and won’t sell out her soul. This is a strong roots song and a good lead.

©Nickii Kane

The next track is “Solitude”. With all the hype surrounding Lila, I can see this song comes from the heart. With lines like “Everybody’s trying to talk to me, but nobody wanna hear me out”, I feel the frustration that comes across in the lyrics and her need for solitude to recharge. The video for this song is beautiful.

“I Spy” has a strong offbeat reggae vibe but with a sultry R&B undertone, and a very catchy chorus. It’s sexy and flirty but with an innocence about it.

A reggae/R&B fusion is next with “Stars Align”. This song is a sexy love song about not quite believing that this man she likes is actually there with her.

Forget Me” is a poignant song about that time in a relationship when you know the end is coming and you don’t know what you have done wrong. Lila conveys the pain you feel when the person you love does things to hurt you and then you know it’s time to let go.  

Previously released as a single “Second Chance”, on the classic “Promised Land” riddim, is a cry for a second chance at rekindling the love that once was. This song really shows the power in Lila’s voice.

The final song is “Thy Will”. This song is my favorite on the EP, a song highlighting some of the negative aspects of Jamaica with a call to unite and put things right before judgment day. 

© Destinee Condison

 “It deep. Look good and then u might spot the scars. Some go bleach it out now this a get too far”.

To be honest I was hesitant to do this review as there have been many reviews and each one hailing “The Experience” as a masterpiece but when I first listened, I only liked 2 tracks. This is a perfect example of what I always say about not picking out your favorite tracks to buy. If I had done that I would not have, after listening 4 times, grown to like the other tracks. 

We can’t wait for a full debut album from Lila Ike in the future!

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