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Dreaditorial: Mass Manipulation Tour in Colorado- Steel Pulse

By October 18, 2019Articles

Article by Susan Underwood

Photos by Angela Kay Photography

   Only in Colorado can you have an 80 degree day on Wednesday and the next day it’s below freezing and snowing. The best thing is: the sun shines through it all. By Sunday it was gorgeous in the Denver region (as usual) and in the 70’s. Perfect weather for a Steel Pulse concert.

          There are many reasons people love Colorado. Yes, the weather, the mountains, and the Coloradans love their reggae too.

          Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom hosted David Hinds and the crew in Denver to a sold out crowd of reggae aficionados. It was the  best way ever to start a new week.

          Opening for Steel Pulse was Red Sage and Judge Roughneck. In the meantime,  we had the best selectah in the region; our own DJ Blood Preshah, and the mighty Rasta Stevie doing the emcee honors. 

          A little after 10 p.m, the Pulse hit the stage. It was a magical beginning with an extended entrance to “Rally Round” and David Hinds hitting the stage with his usual Kalm, Karizmatic and Kool self. There is no mistaking David’s voice. A dear friend asked me to describe his voice and after thinking about how to put it into words, I can tell you David’s voice has always made me think of a flowing river at the end of a waterfall, with reverb. True story.

          I have been a Steel Pulse fan since “Handsworth Revolution” (1978) and just 16 years old. I saw David with his one-of-a-kind dreads, heard his voice, listened to the lyrics and fell in love for a lifetime. David, now 63 years of age, still has the energy on stage, still has the one-of-a-kind dreadlocks, which once shot from his head like an erupting volcano and now wrapped around his head like a mighty crown;  and again, that voice! 

David Hinds

The Band

  • David Hinds – lead vocals, rhythm guitar
  • Selwyn Brown – keyboards, backing vocals
  • David Electric lead guitar 
  • Wayne Clarke – drums 
  • Amlak Tafari – bass 
  • Shaunte Palmer – Tombone
Amlak Tafari
Selwyn Brown
David Electric

BaRuch Hinds, David’s son, joined the Pulse on stage.. BaRuch wears many hats on the Steel Pulse’s tour. He is is a stage tech, a merchandise manager and also a performer who has done several projects with them such as “Put Your Hoodies On,” a dedication to Trayvon Martin. On cue, Hinds emerges from the wings during live shows and performs his rap with the band on “Drug Squad.” Then he does his thing at the merch booth selling Steel Pulse’s Hoodies, T-shirts, hats music and other memorabilia. Baruch Hinds may possibly have one of the coolest jobs in the world. Read more about BaRuch

Here is the set list for the night:

Rally Round


Chant A Psalm

Wild Goose Chase


Don’t Shoot

Drug Squad

Black and White

Babylon Makes the Rules


A Who Responsible

Steppin Out



Nyah Love

Don’t Let Go

       Two nights later in Ft. Collins, Colorado,  The Pulse graced the stage at The Washington. It was an earlier show; and many more families with their children. This too, was a sold out Steel Pulse show.

         As for David Hinds, this front man’s passion for social justice has never wavered.

The new album, “Mass Manipulation” is yet another Steel Pulse masterpiece. If you haven’t yet, go and listen. Personally, I am looking for a GRAMMY win on this one!

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