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Delphine- Island Stage Magazine


French singer songwriter Delphine has been influenced by Jazz, Soul and Reggae since her earliest childhood. She grew up in a family of self-made musicians and as a teenager she got involved in different types of Art by taking dancing and acting courses for a couple of years.


At ten she was supported by her hometown Migennes and the Burgundy region when she recorded a single highlighting the Human Rights and the Rights of the Child.


Still legally a minor but rather strong-willed, she often went to Paris, Lyon, Stuttgart and even Frankfort to discover the world of music and the way it works. Wandering off the beaten tracks for a while she soon mastered both the keys and traps of the job which would make her gain in experience, shape her personality and help her to manage her own project.


At the local academy of music in Saint-Avold she attended a full training program of classical and opera singing and graduated each cycle with honours. In Paris, she got trained in modern singing with the Mains d’Oeuvres Studio together with Renaud Hantson who sings in Starmania and a music school with Christine Lariche who sings in the musical Cats and is a scriptwriter for France Television. She also got involved in several writing and improvisation classes as well as Gospel courses with the Studio Bleu and the F. Gemier Theater. In order to round out her training, she simultaneously joined a couple of different live bands in France and Germany and sang different styles of music such as Blues, Funk, Reggae and Soul music. She took part in TV shows like “Nouvelle Star” and “Pop Star” in Germany and won many top awards in song contests, one of them being the first prize awarded by Raphaëlle Ricci.


Delphine has been involved in many courses and workshops in Paris making by the way new rewarding acquaintances; but nevertheless is she reluctant to bring her talents to the stages around the world : she sang with a pop rock band in Thailand, but also in Montreal where she shared the stage with Brice Delage (guitar player, self-made song writer, Fender endorsement, “la”, and member of the band “What About Your Mom”) and Thomas D’Arbigny (bass player, singer, and member of the band “ Perfect Line”) for a couple of songs.


Today we can say that she finds inspiration in these trips when she writes her songs.  Having spent much time as a singer, she succeeded in finding a niche in 2012, when she joined the band called “57 Roots Band “ and started writing her own songs together with the singer song-writer Tony Nephtali. They both united their love for music to form a duo backed up by “Hotta Faya Band” which would lead them to perform in France, Belgium, Italy, Luxembourg and Germany with no less than 100 concerts in only 2 years. They were also lucky enough to ensure the first part of artists like Pierpoljak, Culture, Clinton Fearon, Tonton David, Amsterdam Klezmer Band, Anthony B, Richard Bohringer, Sir Samuel, Roman Electric Bandand Yaniss Odua.


Early in 2014 she decided to start a solo career and to write her own self-produced album. She was supported in her project by all the people who had been following and encouraging her for years and who precisely know and understand all about the musical universe she wants to offer.


She has been working very hard since September 2014 on writing, composing, arrangements, rehearsing, studio recordings, shooting as the whole team works on every song without neglecting any detail. She has also decided to invite the very best musicians of the time in France and abroad to take part in her project such as Romain Omaley, Olivier Baldissera, Fabrice Ach, Patrice Dicuonzo, Dean Fraser, Ken Lewis, Robbie Lyn, Nambo Robinson, Glen Browne, Mitchum Chin, and many others who will be found in this broad and colourful universe. Of course, the engineers who recorded, mixed and mastered the songs are also among the best ones.


She has chosen Amper Studio in France (Jean-Pascal Boffo), Metropolis Studio in London (Stuart Hawkes, Sam Wheat), Tuff Gong Studio (Michael Howell), Penthouse Records (Shane C. Brown) in Kingston, and Ken Lewis in New Jersey (USA).


The last song “WINNING RACES” of the “BLUE SOUL” album, was recorded in Jamaica, together with the signature of a distribution contract with Tuff Gong.  A first single entitled “MUSIC” was released in spring 2016.



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