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Davianah Music

By March 3, 2016Articles, Magazine
Davianah-Island Stage Magazine

by Empress K

Davianah, the young, vivacious 23 year old singer and songwriter has been surrounded by the music business her entire life.  Following in the footsteps of her famous father, veteran Reggae artist Tony Rebel,  this next generation Rebel became interested in her own music career at the early age of 6.  At approximately age 14, Davianah accompanied by Tony Rebel, made her debut performance at a stage show in Port Royal and from then seriously considered a career in music.

Davianah-Island Stage Magazine

I recently had a chance to speak with Davianah at Flames Production Studio in Kingston, Jamaica about a month prior to her well received performance at Rebel Salute 2016.  Growing up in a musical family certainly has its advantages, however it is not without its challenges as well.  Davianah fondly acknowledged that she receives consistent constructive advice. When asked if Tony Rebel has been a large inspiration in her career, Davianah responded that “it’s safe to say he has been the main inspiration behind everything.”  When asked about her style during our interview,  Davianah confidently opted to perform an a cappella performance of her latest popular song “Making Moves” which can best be described as a modern conscious Reggae style with R&B flavor mixed in.

With Tony Rebel at the helm of Rebel Salute, it was only natural for Davianah to make an initial performance on the Rebel Salute stage in 2011.  Not looking back since making the decision to focus solely on her music career, Davianah  has no intention to stop.  She reinforces this in one of her song lyrics,  “One thing is for sure, mi ago mek  it, a music a mi life mi nah lef it lef it, di Rebel with a cause done set it set it so a me n Mali time fi come tek it tek it.”  

Davianah continues to evolve and bring her own individual style and spirit to the stage, remarking during the interview “to show people more who I am and what they can look forward to when they hear my music and get them all excited about me and listen. That’s what they can expect from me.”  We have no doubt that this young Rebel will continue to make her own moves in the industry. Keep an eye out for Davianah Music!!

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