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By August 28, 2019Articles

Versatility, creativity, modern vocal sound fused with old school style, Royell Walker known as Dan Giovanni is one of reggae’s newest recording artist. A love and passion for music, he is also a studio engineer, producer. 

Resident of the sunshine city Portmore, Royell has always had great desires to become a professional musician. He displayed these attributes from early days in High School. Dan has gone through a musical transition from being a rapper, dancehall artist and now a positive cultural messenger which led to his new love of Old School and the new generation of Rastafarian revolutionary music 

July 2013 saw Dan Giovanni making a total commitment to honor and hollow his calling to be a leader and a positive example for friends and brethren’s in and around his community. Dan did a promo reggae album entitled “ITERNAL KNOWLEDGE” which was released in 2013 and is doing exceptionally well all over Europe” it was chosen and nominated by Reggaeville Magazine as one of the best albums for 2013. I see this as a great achievement for Dan, He is extremely talented and hardworking. In December 18, 2015 was the official release of his EP entitled MORE LOVE Ep produced by Humble Warrias Entertainment and House of Riddim. 

According to Dan Giovanni, an amplified Roots Reggae Artist, the answer and solution to the words problems is More Love. He packaged this message in a four track EP titled – More Love, and he sings nothing but More Love in all four tracks. There is the original roots mix of More Love as the opening rack laced with a heavy bass line, giving it that authentic roots reggae vibe. It is then followed by the Acoustic Mix of the same title isolating the vocal abilities and sensibilities of the Jamaican native and amplifying the message. He then flips it on the dub side, on track number three, in true foundation style. The last track is an electronic mix because the mission of spreading love cannot be limited to one genre and in order to connect with the global market, an electronic mix was added which might resonate with the young generation. 

The emergence if artistes like Dan Giovanni from Jamaica is crucial. Here is a young roots reggae singer who is not necessarily a roots revivalist but an organic roots singer, debunking the myth that reggae in Jamaica does not exist anymore. Here is proof that is does. The mainstream media will never know what roots reggae is all about. Artist like Dan Giovanni continue from where the foundation has left and carry the baton into the next generation. More Love Ep was produced by Humble Warrias Entertainment and House Of Riddims Productions which saw its release in December 2015 and available on all leading online distribution channels. Dan Giovanni recently release an Ep called Ginja Kush produced by his own record label (Soul Rock Collective) March 2019 which speaks about the benefits of herbs in its natural form. Dan is currently in studios producing a Ep called Victim of the System for roots reggae artist I – maragh. 

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