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Cunnie Budd

By January 7, 2016Articles, Magazine
Connie Budd, Island Stage Magazine

Growing up in the Northern Parishes on the beautiful island of Jamaica Oneal Lance Bullah aka Cunnie Budd was born in Trelawny in 1981. He is the youngest of five children, raised by his mom for a short time before moving to St Marys to live with his father.

From a very young age he dreamed of becoming an artist and one day people around the world would share in his love for reggae music and sing his songs. He left his fathers house at the age of 14 to live a street life. He never gave up on his dream and taught himself everything to do with music. He writes his own lyrics and musically truly is an ‘all round’ talented singer/songwriter.

Life has not always been easy for Cunnie Budd. Growing up on the streets of his hometown and, still at a young age, he could often be found at a sound clash taking in the atmosphere and beginning to find his energy in an industry he was interested in.

Times were hard but he did what he could to survive. He would ‘spit’ lyrics on a mic, sing and generally entertain the audience in every opportunity that presented itself, gaining a reputation amongst those around him. His status started growing, and people started becoming aware of his raw talent. Cunnie Budd like one of his role models Beres Hammond has taken his music beyond the Caribbean and across Europe.

Known throughout Jamaica for his energy and passion on stage Cunnie Budd gives 100% of himself at every show no matter how big or small the venue is. He is relentless in his pursuit of perfection and spends many hours in the studio sizing up his next work for recordings or scouting locations for videos. Supporting local people, Cunnie Budd is frequently involved with charity projects and keeping his own events which allows production to stay true to its roots.

This reflects the rawness that is deeply seated in every lyric he writes. Many would have given up years ago – but not Cunnie Budd. There is nothing to stop his love and his talent for good, clean, culturally sensitive Reggae Music.


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