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The Crabs and the 500 Acre Bucket -A Pinnacle Thought

By April 21, 2014Articles, blog, News
The Crabs and the 500 Acre Bucket

Taken from the forthcoming book “The Crabs & the 500 Acre Bucket” by Original Gong Family Copyright Patrick Howell 2014

I was thinking…
What if my father had been working his father Vivian’s land (as he often did)on one of those days when his Uncle, The Gong, made one of his frequent visits in order to gather family members to show them a better way of life at

Knowing my Pops as I do (and according to how he brought his children up), I’m almost certain that he would have gone with his Uncle, and would have died at Pinnacle. Since I know he’s a man who has no interest in prison accommodation, he would have given his life (whilst taking as many as possible with him) in the course of defending his Uncle on one of those legendary Pinnacle raids.

I hereby set the tone of what’s to come next.My musings about my father prompted my thought process further…and I would like to invite the Rasta community and the people of Jamaica at large, (plus any interested parties around the world) into my reasonings…

And before I proceed further, what you’re about to read has no bearings on the LPH Foundation or its Directors, as although I’m a member of the foundation and we are related and bonded by blood, I write this entirely as my own individual thoughts and action.

I was thinking…

What if The Gong never existed?
What if Leonard never returned to Jamaica from America
(Babylon) in 1932?
What would be the state of play in the current landscape?

The answer to these questions would depend largely on the answer to the
following question, which came to my mind whilst analysing the Observers
observing (and bear with me as it’s not as easy an answer as it sounds):

What is Rasta?

In one conversation that I heard recently on a random Mutabaruka radio show, Rasta was described by Muta’s guest in three separate sentences as a Taken from the forthcoming book “The Crabs & the 500 Acre Bucket” by Original Gong Family Copyright Patrick Howell 2014 movement, a community and a religion. It is also commonly referred to as a
doctrine and a philosophy.

Well if I could be presumptuous enough to pose an answer to that enormous question on behalf of my Great Uncle “The Gong”, isn’t Rasta simply a way of life, according to the well-documented accounts of how Leonard Howell(LPH) and his followers (The Howellites) lived at Pinnacle? Devised by LPH as the anti-thesis of Colonial rule, this simple way of life then evolved, as expected under rapidly changing circumstances, to the albeit globally recognizable, but fragmented, unstable, and seemingly conflicted Rasta that exists today.

Brand Rasta

Characteristics commonly associated with Rasta clearly do not define Rasta, but have become stereotypical, almost caricature features, emphasised and deliberately entrenched by global media, corporations with financial interest
in Rasta and, more recently, a long-bankrupt Jamaican government whose very economic existence depends on what has become “Brand Rasta”.

So taking each of those characteristics in turn:

Tabernacle1WM**_0758_700x500 copy


Marcus Garvey prophesised Him (on the eve of his departure for New York in 1916), when he said “Look to Africa for a Black King.” But LPH named H.I.M., the newly crowned King of Ethiopia, Ras Tafari.

And much more than simply naming the future figurehead of Rastafari, LPH was immovable in his determination to free the people of Jamaica from the dreadful condition in which he found them upon his return to Jamaica from New York by bringing to an end their continued physical and mental subservience to the British Empire and the King that had enslaved them.

For preaching the existence of this new African King, LPH was charged with and convicted of sedition, treason and lunacy, and paid with his blood and his freedom, being imprisoned and institutionalized multiple times.

Now, I consider Marcus Garvey to be one of the greatest Black men in history and his achievements make me even prouder that he was born in Jamaica. Further evidence of his greatness is the citing of Garvey as an inspiration by
many of the master-teachers whom I love and respect, especially John Henrik Clarke, Ivan van Sertima, Asa Hilliard, Frances Cress-Welsing, Elijah Muhammad etc.

But great as he was, Garvey seemingly did not consider Haile Selassie to be the black king whom he had prophesised, telling The Gong to his face that he was “not to ever preach this Rasta nonsense” at any of the UNIA’s meetings or assemblies. Furthermore, Garvey became increasingly and publicly critical of Selassie after he was overthrown in 1934 by Mussolini.

Certainly, Marcus Garvey never acknowledged Rasta as a movement of interest to him with his focus (rightfully so) on the African continent. When asked “Are you an African or a Jamaican?” Garvey replied “I will not give up a continent for an island”.

So if it was up to Marcus Garvey, Ras Tafari as a figurehead/concept would never have existed. Therefore the name of Rastafari is attributable to Leonard Howell and only exists today because he made it his mission to enlighten the people from the drudgery of Colonialism.

So how is it that one man of all those you praise and exalt, hardly gets a blip of a mention round a campfire of reasoning – Leonard Percival Howell?

There is no shame in admitting that the history of Rastafari is in need of a social update, and in belatedly righting that position. Justice is owed to a man named Leonard Howell who is being ignored, thereby stopping Rasta from going forward, until that acknowledgement is forthcoming.

Imagine The Wailers without Bob – no disrespect to Bunny and Peter, but without Bob the global phenomenon would not have happened. Similarly, you don’t get Rasta without LPH. And mostly certainly of all, you don’t get Pinnacle without LPH.


Since the black man has been on the planet for trillions of years, sporting the locks & afro, then dreadlocks pre-date and therefore cannot logically define Rasta. My guess is that locks had already entered Jamaica long before Pinnacle came into existence.

So before proudly taking ownership and trying to enforce that particular identifying feature of Rasta, we must remind ourselves that Selassie never wore locks; neither did the Gong and it certainly wasn’t a consideration for the great Marcus Garvey – does this detract from their position at the very pinnacle of Rasta teachings? And on the flip side of that argument, Rasta cannot sensibly berate those wearing locks for fashion.

They do however have an argument (due to what we have just established is a mis-branding) in the case of tourists, or for fancy dress parties in Europe and the US, where so-called “Rasta wigs” are purchased and worn for comedy value. How did Rasta allow itself to become a joke? Or could frowning upon this be deemed as Rasta taking itself too seriously? Interesting thought, but a trailer load of cash for the Jamaican economy…


Would reggae music even have existed without LPH and Pinnacle?

Well according to several well-respected and renowned music aficionados, reggae has its roots firmly planted at Pinnacle.

As a music man myself (first and foremost as a music lover) I know that musical styles have always evolved due to a combination of circumstances and influences. Without the symbolic drumming at Pinnacle dispersing into the ghettos and surrounding areas post Pinnacle, would Jamaican musicians have ever been influenced to develop the island’s unique sound of reggae? I think not, or reggae could just have easily have been born in Montserrat or
Antigua. It wasn’t.

So where would this have left most of those so-called Rasta reggae stars, who did and still do nothing to keep the fire burning of their spiritual founder & father? And I make no apologies, but even the late, great Bob Marley is not excluded or excused from this criticism, taking as he did the name Tuff Gong, but not really honoring The Original Gong.


If you think that the Jamaican government (or any other government for that matter) are going to allow Rasta anything but a tiny fraction of the proceeds from the sale of medicinal or even legalised Marijuana, then you are simply certifiable. It will be good for Brand Rasta to have Rasta Ganja farmers (on Government-owned land of course, hence presumably the compulsory acquisition of the 6 lots at Pinnacle), but that is the rigidly defined (and will be brutally enforced) limit of your future role in this multi-billion dollar industry.

Picture this – Rastafari are given a small piece of land at Pinnacle and allowed to grow Marijuana at their own discretion, with an organised labour force and business strategy.

Meanwhile the Government develops their own special brand of ganja cigarettes, called “spliffs” for instance. The Government spliffs will be cheaper, ready-to-smoke and with special addictive ingredient to keep customers returning time and again.

Convenience and addiction have a strange way of taking over the consumer, and whilst you’d have an initially faithful clientele, this would only last for a while, before hastily introduced new Government legislation and a one-sided price war force you out of business once again.

Agree or Disagree?

©Sista Irie Photography
OldPinnacleWellWM**_0760_700x500 copy

Goat-eaters (Meat Eaters):

Haile Selassie ate meat. Marcus Garvey ate meat. LPH ate meat.

Whatever you feel about eating meat now, your opinion has probably been influenced via knowledge that has become available within the last 30 years.Totally aside from the very subjective moral/spiritual debate, the medical case for humans not eating meat is pretty conclusive.

But to my understanding, it is not a tenet of Rasta to be vegetarian, but a single element of the Rasta way of life that has developed within some communities for the purpose of betterment of the condition of the people.

So rather than berating people who have not come so far on the path as others, would it not be better to regard as progress those who no longer eat Pork, for instance, and those who only eat fish, perhaps eventually leading onto man’s natural state – ie non consumption of any flesh whatsoever?

One Love – I don’t believe you (and nor does anyone else)

Never, in all my years on this planet, have I witnessed anyone (whether individuals or groups), who claim to share a common ethos, spirituality,lifestyle, and supposedly a common future, so fragmented, embittered and full of hatred for each other.

Peace-loving, laid-back, spiritual, deep-thinking, Godly people, often viewed as the vanguard of the Jamaicans – in my experience this was once an accurate depiction of a “typical” Rasta, amongst whom I grew up, alongside the teachings of early reggae stars.

But now, the much denied, but frequently levelled, ‘crabs in a bucket’ analogy has been forced to the front of my mind. You have mansion cursing mansion, men threatening women and old men, and overall, cartoon Rastas appearing to lose their tiny minds over the prospect of getting a piece of a dead man’s legacy which they haven’t earned, didn’t sweat blood for and don’t deserve.

So if “Brand Rasta” is one answer to the question “What is Rasta?” then let us consider some alternatives.

The First Rasta, Leonard P Howell, his sons and the Howellites

Who, in the history of Jamaica, in fact the world, has used their own money in order to buy a piece of land for a group of people to live in peace, free from Babylonian control and influence? And furthermore, who did so without demanding anything in return but love, unity & collaborative effort in order to make the community a successful, self-sustaining one? I can only think of 2 – first Leonard Howell in 1939 with Pinnacle, and then Haile Selassie in 1948 with Shashamane.

And for all the love those wealthy Rastas that have peppered the scene in the intervening 70 years profess to have for their own people, not a single one of them, nor their descendants, has seen fit to do the same. Not one of them has been willing to give up even a fraction of their personal wealth to uphold the spirit of Rasta in collaborative community, thereby freeing Rasta of the need to seek funding or assistance of any sort from the same Government who has allowed and even engineered several attempts to eradicate Rasta from Jamaica.

Obviously I know of other Jamaican entertainers, such as the likes of the outlaw Josie Wales, Ninja Man etc who have donated monies for building hospitals and so on – that I love and am most certainly interested in. And obviously it is much reported that Bob Marley used to give out literally bags of money to people so that they could start up businesses. But the phenomenon of LPH’s land acquisition via selling his own property (the land bequeathed to him by his own father) and the pearls of Lady Howell, and what happened after that, remains unmatched in the history of Jamaica.

Legal Moves

Whoever is responsible for getting their names tagged onto a legal case that is exclusively a battle for the Howell family, the remaining Howellites and their descendants, they must be doing so at the instigation of either the Plaintiff, or the Government, in order to undermine the case.

Unless you are a Howell family member, or the descendant of one of the Howellites who were forcibly removed from their homes with all their worldly goods destroyed, you have no legitimate legal claim over the land at Pinnacle.

Who knows, in the not too distant future, you may see a queue around the block at the Register Office as people rush to change their names by deed poll, to try to ensure they get a slice of any retrieved inheritance! Which brings me neatly onto the only two legal heirs to the estate of LPH…

Monty & Bill

As you all know, Monty and Bill were born as Pinnacle was born, and lived there throughout their entire childhood.

Their mother Tenet’s was the first blood to be spilled on Pinnacle land, as the Colonial Powers plotted and eventually succeeded in destroying the community and disempowering its leader, their father, Leonard Howell.

As children, they bore witness to the violence, the harassment, the racketeering and the abuse at Pinnacle. And as adolescents, they too were subjected to the same, along with the rest of the men-folk.

With this in mind, why has it never occurred to anyone to consider that LPH, having already lost his beloved wife, would insist on his sons leaving Jamaica to prevent their ongoing persecution, just as his own father had done for him as a youngster?

So bandying around accusations of them being Babylonians and not Rasta is ignorant, uninformed, inaccurate, illegitimate and downright insulting – not least because those insults generally stem from this next bunch of clowns…

GM Rasta

Let me introduce the modern 21st century. government-sponsored, “Uncle Tom” coated “Your soul for 30 pieces of scrap metal” “Pop-Up”, “Genetically Modified” GM Rasta, who like what is say on the tin, but are lacking in substance and have no nutritional value at all.

Their sound-bites appear impressive, on first read, but if you care to long enough, their lack of substance is crudely displayed for all to see.

“What a pitiful sight to behold!” I hear the population cry, with an elongated gasp, as they drag their ken-dutty-fried, raggety, half-scared selves, begging bowl in hand, trodding down to Hope Road to collect their weekly hand-outs. Obviously something or someone is stroking their tranquillity…


Firstly, give thanks and praises unto the real Nyahbinghi peace-loving followers who helped to shape the young minds of Jamaican youth and influence those around the world, alongside other notable mansions, to whom praises are also due.

But due to the actions of a wayward bunch of thugs, wickedly proclaiming themselves to belong to the righteous and holy order of the Nyahbinghi, I think you are on the verge of going down in history as the order who tried their utmost best to stop the richly-deserved progress of the Jamaican people.

My prime objective in this is for the Nyahbinghi to ask questions of themselves and their so-called leaders.

In fact until proven otherwise, I hereby refuse to call these thugs via their enlightened Godly names (apart from one, we’ll come to him shortly) and just refer to them as Pop-Up Rasta, whose agenda and thirst for power appears to centre around destroying the natural law & order of the spirit, and trampling the suffering black people down in the mud of despair & prolonged servitude.

But if it is so that these thugs do represent the Nyahbinghi order (which for the life of me I cannot believe, as at what point do holy Rasta begin occupying a dead black man’s land?) then I ask that you either expose and isolate them, or pull them back into the inner circle for chastisement, before they destroy the Rasta covenant to the point of no return, rendering the Nyahbinghi complicit in an ugly, vindictive sub-plot in the destruction of Rasta around the world.

And all this over stolen property that has not even yet been returned back to its rightful owners via the legal system…I and others within the UK had already notified Monty of a specific plan being hatched to divest him of his father’s legacy, but due to his humble heart (similar to that of his father), he couldn’t even envisage such a thing could be happening. And when it got played out due to more recent events, he couldn’t believe his father’s legacy had been reduced to a hustle.

So who is really leading this attack? If it is so that you have beleaguered leadership, bring them out into the open for all to see. Whoever these GM Rasta thugs are, they need to wipe their noses, fix up & stop damaging the Nyahbinghi as land grabbing grave robbers. They are no better than occupying forces of the US with the mindset and woeful stench of the diseased, immoral former slave masters which once raped, molested and screw your father.

I was pondering on all the great organizations that have folded after in- fighting due to some power-hungry punk thinking above his station. All these situations had one thing in common – the cause of the demise was infiltration by government agents or informants prostituting for the other side (in fact I shouldn’t give prostitutes a bad name, as at least they do it out of necessity, not greed).

Is this Jamaica’s equivalent of the CIA operative? Let’s call him Al Quaeda Rasta. In which case, who is the Bin Laden behind Al Quaeda Rasta, forging ahead a legacy they neither earned nor sweated blood for? You see, that’s the thing about the CIA and other operatives – when you work as an agent for them, they at least allow you to be king for a day.

If I am right, you will bear witness in the coming days to individuals attempting to ride in and steal a dead man’s land and legacy, in order to create their own fast-tracked dynasty.

But no matter, the Jamaican government may allow your simple minds their simple pleasures for a while, before delivering the raids again, this time with blood curdling consequences…if the ankhcestors don’t wreak destruction on you first, and see that ill-gotten land (the 500 acre bucket) swallow you up.

Furthermore, if this state of aggression is allowed to continue, we are surely about to witness the downfall of the Nyahbinghi – this should be the cause of much celebration for those Rastas who have been disillusioned with the Nyabinghi (sorry, I remind myself, the Al Quaeda Rasta within the Nyahbinghi) for many years.

Pent up aggression

Recently, there have been unbelievable reports of the GM Rasta Collective talking of invading Pinnacle, taking control of the founding father of Rasta’s land – isn’t this the mentality of Bush invading Iraq, isn’t this the mentality of the US invasion of Libya, isn’t this the blood-soaked mentality of Mussolini invading Ethiopia, isn’t this the mentality of Bustamante’s order to continuously invade Pinnacle, and (I’ll put it as crudely as it was meant) – to murder Rasta on sight?

Where has all this pent up energy come from, manifesting as aggression – and more importantly, why has it been lying dormant for all these years whilst your followers continue to suffer great oppression under successive Jamaican governments?

We are too often mighty (and unforgiving) against each other and quiet as a mouse when dealing with the powers that be (the government). No wonder we achieve nothing but a local reputation for the shortest of times. Let’s buck the trend and be men for all things.

Disrespect (The Rage)

I remember hearing an MC clash from 1987 between Saxon’s Tippa Irie & Papa Levi versus Macka B (proper Rasta) and Pato Banton. Levi & Macka B agreed not to clash with each other as they were both Rasta (look at that..!) But Macka B dropped a very simple lyric on Tippa which ended Tippa’s unbeaten reign as an MC around the world, and it was this: “Tippa Irie have a face me coulda kick and kick and kick and kick and kick and kick…..”

So when I heard the audacity of Negro Negus, that lyric came to mind. And in case you’re wondering, I thought that the clown formerly known as Jnr Negus was being overly too modest in the name he had chosen, so within my capacity, I decided to bestow upon him a name more suitable to his mindset. Although I’m not a man interested in name-calling, I find it personally insulting that a man who claims to have love for his founding father LPH, would call the eldest son of The Gong, and threaten to drive him out of Pinnacle, essentially his own land.

Via his actions over the last couple of weeks, there comes a time when a man does so much wrong that any good he did prior to those wrongs is outweighed and negated. Negro Negus and his like, to my knowledge, have given no positive support for Occupy Pinnacle in terms of either their physical presence or even via social network activity, in order to spread the word and improve the chances of successful restitution. But the punk has been allowed to go onto Occupy Pinnacle and spill his bile in such a public place, to which I and thousands of others have invited friends in order to support Pinnacle, only to see my Uncle disrespected. I personally, like many others before me, have donated a great amount of time and money into righting the legacy of The Gong, and ask nothing in return. It’s my duty as a family member and your duty as a Rasta to see justice done for LPH. We should not be doing it for what we can get out of it personally, in terms of either wealth or recognition. So what’s your problem?

And by the way, which one of you bright sparks allowed Snoop to walk in unchallenged (from Babylon) and steal Rasta for Adidas (founded by Hitler’s Nazi Party Member, Adolf “Adi” Dassler)?

Now that we all recognise some of the characters in this appalling tale, let’s return to the original question: What would be the state of play in the current landscape if LPH never existed?

The short answer being that certainly Rasta, nor probably reggae, would have existed either.

So how could you degrade a beautiful man who paid for your evolving identity with his life? He did things for you more than even your own fathers would have done.

Leonard Howell was an exceptional man, who at some point bank rolled the murky pre-government of that time (and at some point maybe even alleviated your grandparents’ stress momentarily, just long enough for them to feed and clothe your parents, until a better plan from above was bestowed upon them).

Without LPH, would Jamaica be just another non-specific, former slave colony in The Caribbean? Ask yourself – what are the distinguishing features of Antigua, Barbados, Trinidad…well, you get the point I’m making.

So now that we’ve established LPH’s incomparable and unopposed position in Jamaican history, what IS the state of play in the current landscape?


From its very inception, the Jamaican government was in conflict with the betterment of Jamaican people. The Colonial Office documents demonstrate their fear of the rise of black leadership, black advancement and black unity. With this in mind, Bustamante and Manley, both at the beck and call of the British Government, set out to destroy anyone or any organisation capable of upsetting their charmed status quo. Funded by the very people and communities that they oppressed, from the 1940s until today, nothing material has changed. Black people in Jamaica still have no voice, no economy and no power. Everyone who has the capability to bring forth change either sells out or is taken out.

And Rasta want to negotiate with these people? Did LPH negotiate? In fact, would LPH negotiate today? Of course not, since to negotiate is to admit that they are a legitimate entity with whom negotiations should ensue. Neither Rasta, nor Pinnacle should be up for negotiation, full stop.

In any case, Rasta has not grown or matured enough politically to negotiate with or effectively lobby a Jamaican government expert at manipulation, exploitation and, it seems overt seduction. What logical, clear and cohesive strategy has been devised (and by whom) in order to secure for Rasta (in perpetuity) what belongs to Rasta?

And who are these much-self-publicised Rasta “stakeholders” really serving, as sometimes it seems they are serving Babylon (as quoted by Madge Hilton on a recorded show with a brilliant, forward-thinking Rasta, Mutabaruka), so willing and accommodating are they to give up that inch that immediately becomes a country mile…

Autonomy/Self-Reliance – what the hell happened?

The whole foundation of Rasta was built on self-reliance and withdrawal from Babylonian control, in order to break that innate subservience and reliance upon Colonial rule (white oppressors) for our own spiritual, economical and physical well-being.

If, as Rasta, you accept this government acquisition of the Pinnacle land stolen from LPH, you have willingly controlled/engineered your own oblivion, by signing away all rights for future generations of Rasta and the Jamaican people.

At one point my thinking was that it was all behind-the-curtain, skull-duggery, cloak-and-dagger agreements, negotiations and manoeuvres. But my sources on ground say it’s nothing of the sort – it’s very open, with not a care in the world it seems for the damage to the credibility, history and integrity of Rasta. So I guess that’s the autonomy out the window!

People Don’t Care

You have to consider why, with the global media attention which was recently centred on Pinnacle, has it been so painstakingly difficult to raise even a modest sum of money; just enough to pay some of the ongoing legal fees and keep the case for Pinnacle alive.

And the answer came to me from a Rasta here in the UK – “People just don’t care.” And with all the back-biting, sabotaging and self-imploding going on within Rasta, they care even less.

Shashamane – the prototype for New Pinnacle?

Haile Selassie I granted 500 acres of fertile land at Shashamane to the EWF (Ethiopian World Federation) in 1948 in order for the repatriation of African families from the Caribbean who wanted to return to their ancestral homeland, Africa. The number of settlers swelled to 2,000 at its peak.

But in 1974 Haile Selassie was overthrown and the new government confiscated all but 11 hectares of the original 500 acres of land. The only surprise here is that people were surprised to have the rug pulled from beneath their feet. Because as Ismail Muhammad so eloquently stated: “When at the mercy of others, whatever someone gives you, they can always take back.” Hence LPH’s insistence on buying the land at Pinnacle and paying the taxes on it – so that the Pinnacle community could live a self- sustaining existence, free from interference or molestation by the government.

This is a very pertinent example of what happens to an autonomous community when the government get involved (albeit via a coup in this case, but the comparison holds, almost down to the acre).

So now that it appears things are going wrong at Shashamane, could it be that everyone thinks Pinnacle is easy pickings for the faded farmers & little stall holders to regroup?

Intellectual Property

According to my sources, if it wasn’t for LPH, we wouldn’t have the red gold and green of Rasta, as it is recognised globally today. But a funny thing happened – whilst conspiracies and takeovers were being hatched in and around Pinnacle, a lawyer friend was amongst others to whom I sent the brilliant report by Samuel Gordon about Pinnacle. He contacted me a week later, after seeing the documentary and researching further info on The Gong, to inform us firstly to hold onto our hats, and secondly to tell The Gong’s sons that there’s a good chance they could sue corporations and organisations around the world to the tune of several small islands’ economies, for the use of The Gong’s intellectual property rights in the red, gold and green and the words “Jah Rastafari” which LPH coined.

But unbelievably, this potentially lucrative action is not the priority of Monty and Bill at the moment – first and foremost, they simply want their father’s legacy to be reinstated and upheld.

In conclusion

The TLC party. As written by Sista Hodesh and confirmed by The Gong’s personal secretary Miss Gertrude Campbell, back in the early 1930s, Leonard Howell and Marcus Garvey shared lunch together every Thursday in uptown Kingston, where they reasoned and exchanged ideas.

This prompted the vision of the Thursday Lunch Club, aka the TLC Party, almost 2 years ago. This vision was to incorporate and bring forth a 3rd optional political party, worthy of the people of Jamaica. I and a team of ex-pats and enthusiasts were eager and excited in terms of helping to map out plans for a vibrant, healthy, educated & economically active Jamaica, with full input from all stakeholders from the start.

Jamaicans shouldn’t be in a position anymore where we are accepting bones from a banquet, scraps from a shrinking pot or even Rizla fi lunch money.

Vital to the party, with the vision of The Gong, is an essential Rasta contingent. Monty and Bill Howell embraced the idea, inspiring a number of policies, and whilst they are of an age where they are unable to get physically involved, their interest was spurred by the lack of action in their dealings with the Jamaican authorities. To date we have formulated just over 100 primary policies.

With this in mind, we’d like to share further information and policies with you over the forthcoming weeks…

Since my cousins Monty and Bill clearly have more critical and immediate matters to deal with at the moment, I advised that they focus on that and leave me and others to pick up the side issues that seem to inevitably roll out of the woodwork at the mere sniff of a free lunch.

In this still non-exhaustive letter I have asked questions that were long overdue, and in some cases, hopefully by simply asking the question, some truths have been revealed. Other questions can only be honestly answered by those to whom the question directly relates, and I sincerely hope that they do so.

But you must remember, in their efforts to deflect criticism, they will be predictable and, like naughty school children, do something controversial in order to get teacher’s or Mummy’s attention. Bear with their tantrums for the time being, as this will inevitably be the downfall of their desires.
You tend to find that you get out of life what you deserve, so if I may pose one final question before closing:

What have these rogue GM Rastas done by way of buying land for their community, as LPH did for the Howellites?

And in answering that question, realisation may just dawn upon you how far Rasta has “evolved” from where it started. Do we like what we see?

If, as it appears, you’re happy to conform to Brand Rasta and become an exhibit, selling buttons and bracelets on the tourist destination, “The One Love Rasta Commune”, then please continue to self-destruct. At least the embarrassment will be over quickly.

Because despite the belief that you’re now politicians, believe me when I tell you that you’re woefully ill-equipped to deal with this Jamaican government and the developers, as they will out-gangster you on every level – they have been in the making since 1775.

Within the UK there is a new spiritual awakening, with a resurgence of Rasta children falling in love with this iconic figure called the Gong, to whom they are just being introduced via their fathers, alongside the new young vibrant sound of youthful Jamaica spilling into their ears and capturing their spirit like never before – with the likes of Jesse Royal, Dre Island & Chronixx controlling the higher ground.

I mention this as I’d like you to ponder what could actually be an enlightening future…
Now if you all can back the hell off, stop buzzing around like irritating mosquitos and allow us to deal with the urgent matters at hand, with the help of the righteous Rastas and those of the Jamaican public who want to work and assist in this campaign.


The Original Gong Family

And especially dedicated to The Gong’s children: Monty, Bill, Jim, Daphnie, Zodie, Ened, Inez, Remy & Myrtle

Please consider making a modest donation to the LPH Foundation in furtherance of the fight for Pinnacle –

Masterbuilders presents Original Gong Family “The Gong”
Song free to download from here –

track features California’s finest, Georgia Anne Muldrow on vocals produced by Yllavation

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