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Colorado Is Soon to Have Their First Marijuana Drive-Through

By February 23, 2017Articles
Colorado to Add More Restrictions for Home Grown Marijuana in 2017-Island Stage Magazine

In just a few months, Parachute will be home to Colorado’s first drive-through marijuana shop. Tumbleweed, owned by Green Cross Colorado LLC, has won approval for drive-up sales out of a former carwash, across the street from Tumbleweed’s primary location.

While the decision to repeal Parachute’s ban on marijuana establishments in June 2015 stirred months of controversy, the revenue pot sales has generated is critical to the town.

At a Rifle Area Chamber of Commerce luncheon in February, Parachute Mayor Roy McClung said that personal feelings aside, without legalized recreational marijuana, the town’s economy would have been in serious trouble.

Parachute Town Manager Stuart McArthur said nearly 30 percent of Parachute’s sales tax receipts in 2016 were from marijuana sales — $310,000 out of $1.05 million total.

“The really good news is that other businesses are benefiting from it,” McArthur added. [Read more at Post Independent]

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