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Colorado Lawmakers Split on Smoking Marijuana on Your Front Porch

By May 5, 2017Articles

The question of where you can consume cannabis in Colorado continues to stress lawmakers, even as the state approaches five years of legalization.

The state Senate and House approved different versions of a measure to define the prohibition on “open and public” consumption, and a panel of lawmakers failed Wednesday to strike a compromise just days before the legislative session concludes.

The sticking point is whether you can smoke marijuana on a front porch in public view — one of the most enduring debates since legalization in 2012.

“Welcome to the jungle,” quipped Rep. Dan Pabon, a Denver Democrat and one of the negotiators. “This has been an issue that we have discussed and debated since the inception of Amendment 64.”

Senate Bill 184 would forbid marijuana consumption in any place where “a substantial number of the public” has access without restriction, such as a park or sidewalk. The latest version debated Wednesday took it a step further to prohibit consumption in “a place not protected from unaided observation lawfully made from outside its perimeter.” [Read more at Denver Post]

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