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Circle of Peace: Ziggy Marley Live at Mountain Winery

By June 17, 2019Articles

Saratoga, CA


By Shelah Moody

“Stand in the circle of peace, cause only the willing will see their dreams.”— Ziggy Marley

            Popsicles, mani -pedi’s, beach balls, mini vacas and day trips. Good vibes. Some things just go well with summer. Add Ziggy Marley at Mountain Winery to that list.

         For several years, Grammy winning reggae artist Ziggy Marley has faithfully performed summer concerts at Mountain Winery, bringing positive, family vibes and world class reggae music to the elite venue in Saratoga, CA.

         On June 11 and 12, Marley and his nine member band kicked off their summer tour at Mountain Winery, on the heels of a massive heat wave that hit Silicon Valley and the Bay Area.

      Marley’s June 12 show, which began promptly at 9 p.m., literally transformed the Mountain Winery concert bowl into a circle of peace, one of the themes and songs from his 2018 Grammy nominated album, “Rebellion Rises.”

      By the time the prolific singer/songwriter took the stage, temperatures had cooled down from 95 degrees, and the audience had been revved to by co-headliners Michael Franti and Spearhead.

        “We are very happy to be with you once again; especially with Michael Franti and Spearhead,” Marley announced.

  “Positive Vibrations!”

    Marley opened with a song by his iconic father, Bob Marley,  “Positive Vibrations,” which set the tone for the rest of the show. Renown vocalists Tracy Hazzard  and Natasha Pierce, who are also accomplished dancers, provided the soulful harmonies, echoing the I- Threes circa late seventies..

    Marley continued with uplifting songs from “Rebellion “Rises” including the title track and  “I Will Be Glad.” Marley’s young sons, Gideon and Abraham joined the band, dancing to the beat on  “World Revolution.” Incidentally, Gideon, Abraham and their siblings Judah and Isaiah are featured in the new “World Revolution”, shot by Zac Weinberg.

As an an activist and humanitarian, Marley has always encouraged good stewardship and global consciousness in his children. Recently, Ziggy, Gideon and Abraham volunteered to feed the homeless on skid row in  Los Angeles.

   According to New Orleans trumpeter Dr. Brice Miller, your dance is as unique as your personality. On this night, everyone was dancing on the floor in the round; dancing in ha circle of peace. Marley played the acoustic guitar and jammed on “True to Myself,” from his first album, while the audience sang along on the refrain. In 2001, following the release of “Dragonfly,” Marley introduced a genre he called Ziggy music— a melange of reggae, rock, alternative and folk music aimed at mainstream audiences.

On this set, Marley even delved into Jawaiian mucic. Hazzard and Pierce performed s modern Hula while Ziggy sang “On the Beach in Hawaii,” influenced by his stay at a yoga retreat. By the time he got to his pro Ganja anthem, “Wild and Free,” Marley himself busted out some freestyle moves while the band played instrumental roots, rock reggae.  .

        Like his father, ZIggy Marley uses music as a medium for healing and redemption. He closed the show on  joyous note, with one of his father’s most popular songs, “Is This Love,” uniting reggae’s past, present and future. A circle of peace.  Follow the Ziggy Marley summer tour:

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The Players Are:

Santa Davis (drums)

George Hughes (keyboards)

Tracy Hazzard (vocals)

Pablo Stennett (bass)

Takeshi Akimoto (guitar)

Natasha Pearce (vocals)

Adam Zimmon (guitar)

Jason Borger (Keys)

Rock Deadrick (percussions)

Also, when you go: Check out the Ziggy Marley Merch Booth.

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