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Chaddy Royal – “Celebrity Entertainer” (feat. King MAS)

By September 11, 2018Articles
Island Stage Magazine

Press Release: Substance over hype – Chaddy Royal cautions fellow Roots Reggae musicians regarding “Celebrity Entertainer” culture alongside the “musical Obeah man


In an age dominated by social media personalities turned pop stars, many musicians have turned to provocative, attention-seeking tactics to garner attention from their audience. Reggae music is no more immune to the manipulation of its creators than any other genre of music where popularity (and profitability) often overshadows true talent and creativity. However, history has shown that great music is eternal and those who are daring enough to produce truly inspired works leave an imprint on the collective consciousness of the world for generations to come.


Enter Chaddy Royal, a Brooklyn native of Caribbean heritage, who delivers an insightful critique of the cult of celebrity within the music industry with his latest single “Celebrity Entertainer”. With a deadly combination of lyrics and melodies, Chaddy delineates the many pitfalls that artists face when they compromise their principles in an effort to achieve fame, wealth, and status. Currently residing in Baltimore, and with over a decade of musical experience to his credit, Chaddy’s worldview is deeply grounded in the study of Rastafari teachings along with knowledge gained through direct experience in the African continent.


The topic is expounded upon further by King MAS, “the musical Obeah man”, who conjures up a haunting performance with a level of penmanship that the Grammy-winning songwriter has become infamous for. Backed by the the regal brass section and the thundering bass of the riddim (dubbed “Grand Strategy”), King MAS & Chaddy Royal are the first artists to appear on this Bantu Nation Movement production built in its entirety within the African continent by the capable hands of Congo Ayo. The rhythm compilations will feature contributions from Perfect Giddimani, Jalifa, Koro Fyah, Rapha Pico, & more!


These sounds coming out of Gauteng (Johannesburg, South Africa) embody the spirit of the Bantu Nation Movement. With Africa at the center, and her children in the diaspora surrounding her, get works are sure to be achieved. With Suriname, Trinidad, the US, & Jamaica represented, this first riddim compilation will be the first of many projects to manifest African unity through Reggae music in order to inspire unity in all areas of activity.


Song Link:

Release Date: September 14th, 2018

Format: Single

Label: Bantu Nation Movement

Producer(s): Congo Ayo

Genre: Roots Reggae

Explicit Lyrics: No



  • Chaddy Royal – Celebrity Entertainer (feat. King MAS)



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