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Bushman, The Conquering Lion

By October 25, 2012News

by: Maliika Walker-Island Stage

Bushman was born in St. Thomas, Jamaica. He discovered his passion for music at an early age and continues to nurture that gift today. Bushman’s critically acclaimed debut album, Nyah Man Chant, was released in 1997. He released the much heralded tribute album to Peter Tosh, Bushman Sings the Bush Doctor, in 2011. His fans worldwide are awaiting the release of his forthcoming album, Conquering Lion, scheduled for release in 2013. Island Stage recently caught up with Bushman and here is how the conversation went.

Will you be releasing your new album, “Conquering Lion” independently? If so what led to that decision?

Releasing my next album Conquering Lion independently is an option that I will explore, however I have not decided that just yet, I am still looking at offers from distributions companies.

I understand releasing the ‘Bushman Sings the Bush Doctor’ album was a process that took years before finally getting into the public’s hands. If you knew now what you didn’t know before starting the project what would you change?

I would not have gone into a partnership with Donovan Germain, I would have partnered with Andrew Tosh or one of Tosh’s other children. I would have preferred to do the project with someone who really loves the music and not just the incentives.

You worked with Buju Banton on the ‘Bushman Sings the Bush Doctor’ album? How do you feel about Gargamel sitting in a US Federal Prison?

Yes I worked with Buju on the track Momma Africa and African. This was an honor. Buju is a victim of entrapment, but I feel he should have been wiser, knowing how Babylon always set up traps for us Africans.

Your debut album was released in 1997 (Nyah Man Chant). How do you feel the reggae industry changed between then and now?

The implementation of CD’s and internet downloads has crippled the economics of the business. Home studio’s create a lot of music with no substance. The authenticity of Reggae in Jamaica is lost some where between Dancehall and Sing J’s.

You collaborated with Capleton on the powerful song, ‘We Mean It’. How did this collaboration come about?

This collaboration came about whilst I was visiting London. I recorded my part of the song at Stingray Records.

The new single, ‘Somewhere’, draws me to reflect on children in war torn countries of Africa and the Middle East whenever I listen to it. What led you to write this great song?

My travels around the world. Unisef and other charities always asking for donations to help suffering children. The politics that create the suffering of all children around the world. The children are the future of the world and it would seem that no one care about them. Parents work hard to sustain good homes and education, but the politicians need to stop and think about the affect of their wars and policies.

On the song ‘World State’ you say, “This world is in a state iyah, that’s why I have to blaze fire. The system they create is to manipulate.” You mention feeding the poor and educating the youth some more. How do we ensure the youth being educated today are not being manipulated to serve the system in the future?

The initiative is to educate the youth about the manipulative system so they don’t become victims of that same system. When one understands the system they themselves will know what to do and how to avoid being manipulated.

When will your new album, ‘Conquering Lion’, be released? What would you like to tell your fans about your new album?

The release date is set for some time 2013. For my fans this album is a more in depth Bushman, as I am the first composer for most of the tracks. There are some new world beat sounds coming from this album. I would like my fans to identify with this album, learn from it and full-joy the works of Bushman.

Be on the lookout the Bushman’s new album, Conquering Lion, in 2013. In the meantime
download his powerful single, Somewhere, from iTunes

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